Classes & Workshops

We’re bringing you more class options than ever before, giving you an ocean of possibilities to expand into bliss. Every class takes you higher, elevating your consciousness, opening your heart, bringing you closer to your inner Sat Nam.  Please note that for all classes including the ones with fees, you must have already purchased a festival pass to join.

Sat Nam Fest changed my life! It provided a depth of experience so grand that I went from practicing twice a week in my local classes, to performing my sadhana every day. I am struggling with addiction and motivation right now, and feel Sat Nam Fest changed my life. Though my struggle still continues, I feel so empowered. Thank you Sat Nam Fest! Wahe Guru!


Sat Nam Fest was one of the peak events in my life. I made quite a few emotional breakthroughs. I feel so much more energized in my daily practice now. I cried so much at the absolute beauty of the music and everyone chanting and practicing together. I was wishing that it would never end.