Divine Alignment: Let Your Heart Rule Your Life & Practice

Taught by Simran Kaur & GuruPrem Singh
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Yogic asana function as guides to a transformational process, turning the practitioner into the wisdom by repeating them correctly. Arguably, the greatest of these guides are the combinations of muscle contractions called bandhas, or “locks.” These ultra-sophisticated yogic practices have many benefits, but their primary function is to create inner strength to hold open the main spiritual energy channel, the Sushumna, and, at the same time, to create an hydraulic pressure to encourage energy to move freely within that channel.

The Sushumna is a spiritual channel, but its physical counterpart is the spine. It is because of the way the bandhas keep the Sushumna channel open by creating a correct alignment in the spine that we acknowledge them as the great guides to Divine Alignment.

People come to the practice full of enthusiasm to change their lives, but often lack the basic skills needed to practice correctly and effectively. This is a map, a guide to help you!

Yogi Bhajan asked GuruPrem to “Make this map.” And thus Divine Alignment was created.

Correct posture must grow from the proper energy flow and must be in harmony with gravity. It is essential to establish strong internal connections and to build from there. Mula bandh establishes the root line of every posture although the specific root line may vary from posture to posture. With this leverage we can experience greater levity.

Whatever your level: beginner, long timer or expert, all will learn something new that can bring more ease, strength & flexibility to your practice and ability to teach others to approach asana safely.

Divine Alignment & The Heart Rules Course – Learn the fundamentals and basics necessary to have a comfortable asana and meditation practice. Understanding how to build and grow postures, with the core components of each asana. Learn what Yogi Bhajan called the ‘The Highest from of Wisdom,’ – learn to Relax! Unlock the patterns of tension in your body and mind, so you can listen to your soul.

You will learn to:

  • Safely approach any asana at any level
  • Secrets of Spinal Flex
  • The Power of the Bandh’s and where, when and how much to apply them.
  • Approach safely asana that may have hurt you previously or you were scared to try
  • Find an ease in even challenging Asana & Kriya
  • Enjoy your body

You will improve your:

  • Posture
  • Flexibility
  • Breathing
  • Strength
  • Movement
  • Awareness
  • Ability to comfortably sit & thus your ability to meditate

We will have fun!

We don’t teach perfect, we teach correct. ‘Perfect’ is a state of grace that cannot be achieved by our own efforts but is granted by God.

Yogi Bhajan


Wednesday, April 10

2:00-3:30pm: Part 1: Where it All Begins; Your Original Self

Understand the importance of your navel, how we use it to relate to gravity and how we use it to support our heart and head in all posture. Learn the 3 R’s: Root, Rise and Release/Relax, these are the internal building blocks of all correct posture and asana, we will apply this to your yoga practice,  and ultimately your life. With these techniques we have our true north and can begin to be able to move from our true heart.

4:00-5:30pm: Part 2: Devotion in Motion: What You Hold In & How You Hold In Your Heart

We will experience how to correctly do forward bends & their secret to better backbends. If we are unaware of what we hold in our heart, we are probably unaware of how we hold our heart, this often leads to us fighting a loosing battle with gravity. Learn to make gravity your friend and allow it to serve your light, bright, open & true hearts.

7:00-8:00pm: Part 3: Build Your Asana from the Inside Out

How a correct internal structure allows us to practice where we are with compassion and patience, while allowing us to grow into better alignment, deepening our asana practice. There is often a love/hate relationship with many postures, some we think will hurt us and we are scared of them, some have hurt us and some we don’t even attempt. There is a way to approach any asana from where you are, find the internal correct alignment and grow into where you want to be without hurting yourself or being frustrated by how far the “perfect pose” seems to be.


Simran Kaur

Simran has been doing Kundalini Yoga all her life, teaching for the last 20+ years. She is the Lead Trainer of Divine Alignment & The Heart Rules Training Courses. She is an expert in the Asana, bandh’s & alignment and has taught many KY Teacher Trainings for years. She has lived in Los Angeles since 1990, with her husband. She continues to practice and teach locally as well as around the world, bringing lightness, joy, ease and a smile to the yogic discipline. She has mastered(over 1,000 days of continuous practice) many meditations and Kriya including Bound Lotus and Kirtan Kriya.


GuruPrem Singh

GuruPrem Singh was named ‘Posture Master’ by Yogi Bhajan, and is an expert on body awareness in relationship to personal growth.  He is a KRI certified Teacher Trainer and has been practicing and teaching Yoga for over 40 years. For over 30 years he has participated in Kundalini Yoga teacher training programs world wide. GuruPrem has had an active practice at the Khalsa Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills, as a teacher, structural, breath, Yogic and Massage Therapist for over 40 years.  He is the author of three books, ‘ “The Heart Rules”, “Divine Alignment”, and the New Everyday Devotion: The Heart of Being!   He is also a musician, producer and composer, some of his most popular titles: Tantric Har with Simran Kaur & with Nirinjan Kaur: Humee Hum Brahm Hum & Every Heartbeat is God’s Name to me.



In Every Yoga Pose, Align with the Divine and Excel


In April 2019, Sat Nam Fest will bring Simran Kaur with Guru Prem to teach Divine Alignment. This workshop will give you deeper awareness of your body alignment in yoga postures; but what’s more, you grow new awareness of your own heart, ways you express your heart, and ways to open the heart that lead to your life flowing with greater love, compassion, awareness, energy, and strength.

You can excel beyond any broken heart, or old imprints of sadness, fear, or anger. You can live in your truth and in your…READ MORE.