The founders of Sat Nam Fest grew up in a community of yogis and sacred musicians.  It continues to be our greatest joy to provide a safe space for children to experience this community, to dance to this music, to run around outdoors in nature, to breathe fresh air, to practice yoga, to do art projects and explore creativity, to swim and laugh and more.  We are dedicated to creating an integrated experience of fun, play, yoga and sacred music for children.  We love having families join us, and we hope you and your children will come and have an inspiring time at Sat Nam Fest.

Children under 13 do not need to purchase event passes. If your child is between 4-12, and you would like them to participate in children’s camp then you only need to purchase a children’s camp pass. Children ages 13-17 need to have an event pass.


Children’s Camp at Sat Nam Fest is packed with fun activities, lots of outdoor time, hikes, non- competitive games, children’s yoga, chanting, dancing, art projects and more! The program will provide children with an incredible interactive and fun experience of yoga and play while parents are able to delve deeply into their own retreat.

At our new Malibu location we have wonderful facilities for the children’s camp with ample space for many various activities. Children can plan to enjoy time each day swimming in the pool, exploring nature along wooded paths, on structures and playground equipment and gathering with friends on one of the many sports fields or courts for a game of basketball, soccer, volleyball, frisbee golf, wiffle ball and more!

Camp will be organized in three age groups with highly experienced staff leading each group. Children will spend most of the day in classes, activities, games etc. geared specifically for their age group. In the mornings, all three groups of children will gather together for a daily festival style yoga class. This is especially designed so kids can have a positive, uplifting and interactive group Kundalini yoga and chanting experience!

Children will also have the opportunity to participate in special classes with SNF artists who will join us at kids camp. Here are a few of the things we have in the works; chanting with Aykana, mandala making and chanting with Harnam, martial arts with Guru Jodha, and more!)

The program is for children ages 4 – 12 years old. All meals will be eaten with parents, and children are welcome to join morning Sadhana and evening concerts with their parents.

Sat Nam Fest West is the Kundalini Yoga event I most look forward to every year. Spirit Voyage creates the most high vibe, energetically clear and Loving festival that I attend. My family has attended every year since it began and even my 8 year old son can’t wait for next year. We leave feeling elevated, clear, inspired and grateful!

Spirit Song


Camp Schedule

Wednesday, September 2 1:45pm-5:45pm

Thursday, September 3 8:15am – 12:15pm & 1:45pm – 5:45pm

Friday, September 4 8:15am – 12:15pm & 1:45pm – 5:45pm

Saturday, September 5 8:15am – 12:15pm & 1:45pm – 5:45pm

Sunday, September 6 8:15a – 12:45p