Sat Nam Fest : A Sat Nam Foundation Benefit Festival

Sat Nam Fest Berkshires is a 100% Benefit Festival.  We have always donated a portion of our profits to Sat Nam Foundation, but this festival will mark the first time we are donating ALL of them.  All proceeds from this special Sat Nam Fest will be used to support the work that Sat Nam Foundation does around the world.  We are so grateful that we can make this festival such a force for good in the world, and so grateful that you will join us to be a part of it!

Who is Sat Nam Foundation?

Sat Nam Foundation’s Mission

Sat Nam Foundation was created to serve.
Service is one of the fundamental practices of a yogic lifestyle.
We believe that it is our duty as yogis to serve.

“We must be known for our service.” – Yogi Bhajan

Sat Nam Foundation was created by Kundalini Yogis with the mission of creating opportunities for our community of yogis to serve and to be known for our service.  Sat Nam Foundations purpose is to serve the underserved.  With a special focus on children, Sat Nam Foundation has brought their projects to children in greatest need around the world, from orphanages to disaster relief to refugee crises.  We invite our community to join us in this important work!

Sat Nam Foundation serves anywhere it can.

We have responded to the call for disaster relief, children’s causes, refugee rescue, the hungry, environmental protection, native people’s rights, and the urgent need for clean water access.

We have supported projects and people in India, Nepal, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Haiti, the United States, and South Africa.

Upcoming Projects


Manjushree Orphanage
Inspired by Gurmukh’s call to serve the children of Manjushree Orphanage, Sat Nam Foundation is raising money to build infrastructure and provide necessities such as food, water, and medical support.

Led by Gurmukh, we will travel with a group of 6 of yogis to Northern India to provide support for Manjushree.

Our goal as an organization is to raise $108,000 for Manjushree. Your gifts make this possible. Thank you for your support!

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Tashirat Orphanage
Tashirat is an Orphanage that takes in children that the Mexican system has labeled as “unadoptable.”  This beautiful orphanage in the mountains outside of Mexico City cares for disabled children, children too old to be adopted, and siblings not wanting to be separated.  Their staff make long-term commitments to raise groups of children.

Tashirat needs to go off-grid so they are not dependent on water and electricity that is so expensive.  We are dedicated to raising funds for them to become self-sustained.

Sat Nam Foundation will be organizing three seva retreats to Tashirat this year.

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Nambale Orphanage
The resources to assist children orphaned by AIDS in the rural Western Province of Kenya are woefully inadequate supply, and virtually no residential school facilities exist for them.  The Nambale Magnate School was created to care for and educate these children.

The Nambale Magnet School (NMS) is outgrowing its current facility. The school’s current student body is composed of 230 students. This constitutes grades pre-school through 5th grade. The growth of the NMS student body occurs every year in January, when the new school year begins. As each grade moves up a level in January, NMS brings in a new class of approximately 30 pre-schoolers; thus the school population increases by 30 students every year.

In September, Sat Nam Foundation and Anne Novak will be taking a group on a Yoga and Seva Retreat to serve at this amazing school.


Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, a 645 acre New England Farm & State of the Art Yoga Studio. A base that will help us to cultivate a community of Yogis in Service.

Tina and Davis Mangold donated Balance Bethlehem and Ski Hearth Farm to Sat Nam Foundation.  We are forever grateful to them for giving us this base to serve from.

Sat Nam Foundation’s Board of Directors

Karan Khalsa


Gabe Fulton

GuruGanesha Singh