I recently went on a mission to find some non-transparent white Kundalini Yoga pants that work well with my full Hanes briefs. That’s right. There’s no shame in my game. I am full-on embracing the granny panties, and I’m not afraid to talk about it. One struggle I’ve experienced is that my underpants come up so high, they’re actually higher than my pants! So, I’m searching for the perfect pair of white Kundalini Yoga pants for Sat Nam Fest in the Berkshires.

I wrote to my friend at Spirit Voyage and asked for some suggestions. She immediately replied with some great recommendations for pants in the Spirit Voyage Boutique. They have detailed size descriptions for most of their clothing. Make sure you remember to read the descriptions prior to ordering. I love their customer service. I ordered four pairs of pants, and this is my unbiased, independent review. Please note: I am 5’11” and typically a size 8/10 pants with extra long legs.

flow pants3Flow Pants (White), Medium/Large

I feel comfortable and grounded in these pants. They really should be called “I Feel Uncoiled.” Long slits on both sides create an elegant silhouette and give them a dressy look. The gauze cotton fabric is light and airy. The fabric is not opaque, but there are two layers, so you feel like you have coverage. If you’re concerned about your panties showing, you should wear a long top with these pants. They’re perfect to wear with a tunic for an evening Kundalini concert because the billowy legs spread out like a blanket across your legs on your yoga mat and flow as you dance. I also love that these pants have a striking red silk ribbon embellishment at the waist which is flexible and decorative. Elastic ripples allow for belly expansion from hip to hip for long deep breathing. These pants come with a caution that they might shrink if dried, so hand-washing cold and hang-drying is recommended. $45.00

essential yoga pntsEssential Yoga Pants (Crème), One Size Fits All

These pants should be called Manipura Sacral Chakra igniters! Aren’t you sick of yoga pants that restrict your breathing? Not these puppies! They’re thoughtfully designed to support proper posture and breath work. With a flexible front panel and side ruching, the waist is very flexible and comfortable. The pant legs are billowed, but have a nice drawstring at the opening so they stay put. The pants appear to be traditional Indian apparel that can truly serve as your “essential” white (but not quite white) yoga pants.

Skirted Yoga Pants (White), Large

Of all the pants I tried on, these passed the “teenager test,” as they were my 18-year-old cousin’s top pick. She declared that if she were going to do Kundalini Yoga, she would wear these pants. The mini skirt atop flared leggings is very cute and trendy. For me personally, they were too short because I’m really tall, and the flare started too soon on my long legs. But they looked great on my cousin, who’s average height and a size 12. The size guide says that size M fits sizes 8-10, but I’m glad I ordered a large. I don’t think a medium would fit, as the mini skirt was tight at the top for both me and my cousin. The fabric is luxurious, thick, flexible cotton made from 95% high-quality cotton and 5% Lycra. $39.99

Asymmetrical Skirt Kundalini Yoga Pants (White), Large

These pants are very similar to the skirted yoga pants, but I prefer them because the skirt is longer, and I feel like my backside is more covered. I also think these pants are slightly longer and overall more comfortable. While the description says “no more worrying about see through white yoga pants,” they did not pass the granny panty test and were somewhat transparent. The fabric is luxurious, thick, flexible cotton, made from 95% high-quality cotton and 5% Lycra. $39.99

Yogi’s Harem Pants (White), One Size Fits All

These pants are rayon, so the fabric is light and soft and has a different feel compared to cotton. The crotch of the pants is very low, so they’re almost like a skirt, which makes it super easy to squat. The leg openings are gathered with elastic, so they sit comfortably on your calf and don’t fall down your leg. The waist is about 7” high, pleated with flexible vertical ripples, and sewn with elastic to accommodate any size. These pants were very comfortable and light, but also very transparent. However, the smocking at the waist and gathered fabric may hang down and camouflage underwear lines on some body types. $37.99

Stop by the Spirit Voyage booth at Sat Nam Fest Berkshires to try on all of the latest styles and find which essential whites suit you best. See you there. Sat Nam!


An Inspirer! I am basically a happy person when I am not confined to strict schedules and mundane tasks. I am a mom, a wife and a former international school teacher and recently settled in the eastern part of the USA after living and working as a teacher in Costa Rica, South Africa, Botswana, Asheville and Connecticut. I am an intense individual- always scanning my environment, always using my ability to intuitively perceive the truth about a person or situation, always seeking balance, trying to remain centered and master the ability of following through. I am very enthusiastic people person, passionate and excited about things. My enthusiasm lends me the ability to inspire and motivate others. I identify with the Meyers Briggs personality type of an ENFP and I can tend to be “gushy” and insincere, and generally “overdo” in an effort to win acceptance. However, through my Kundalini yoga practice I am learning to balance my need to be true to myself with my need for acceptance so I can excel at bringing out the best in others.