Sukhdev Jackson, embodies all the facets of being a truth-centered, bountiful, blissful, beautiful woman in today’s world. She, along with Wah and Azita Nahai, Ph.D., will offer a Wednesday workshop at Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree entitled, “Woman as Healer.”

Sukhdev’s devotion to empowering and healing the sacred feminine is profound and full of serene grace. Sat Nam Fest blog received the honor of dropping in with her for a powerful (and so inspiring!) interview.

Sat Nam Fest: How do you feel about participating in Sat Nam Fest at Joshua Tree this year?

Sat Nam Fest West, Kundalini yoga retreat in Joshua Tree, CA.
Sukhdev: It’s a highlight of our year, because it’s a great opportunity for the whole community to come together. When I go to Sat Nam Fest, I try to take classes with teachers I really love to study with and chat with friends, musicians and the community. It’s a convergence moment that you look forward to twice a year. It feels like a deep reset, reflection and a drop-in with your community. It feels nourishing — especially with a community where people’s comforts are pointed toward devotion, feeling the unity of their soul and the human experience. And that’s the goal! The goal is to awaken and share that with the world.

Sat Nam Fest: You are leading a workshop alongside Wah and Dr. Azita Nahai about women rising into their own power. Can you give us any insights about what we can expect from this workshop?

Sukhdev: I feel that there is an awakening going on with women. There’s trepidation about how to step into their fierceness and power. What’s really needed right now is for women to step into this fierceness. And by fierceness, I mean that there is so much passion, heart and devotion for restoring the balance and harmony of our species. Because it’s not the Earth that needs balancing –  it’s our species.

Women feel the world and the pain of the world, whether it’s consciously or not. In a way, we know it comes down to us to come out of this suppression that we have been in for so many years, and with gentleness and fierceness in the same breath restore our place in this society as matriarch. But it’s not like we need to wipe out the patriarch. Sacred union needs to happen and there needs to be a balance. For women to be able to take a step towards that they need to tell and heal their stories. They have to heal their story to move beyond the story — which is something I teach all year long with music.

As Yogi Bhajan spoke about, “If a woman can befriend her higher consciousness, own infinity and soul, she becomes and will live in the attract-and-relaxed mode and out of hustle-and-hassle mode. She’ll find her place and bring in what she needs to thrive in her life and family.”

Sat Nam Fest: You seem to be a goldmine of resources, experiences, and offerings in this regard. Why do you think this work is so important, especially at events like Sat Nam Fest?

Sukhdev: Sat Nam Fest is a place to come home to, to get out of our daily schedule, try new things and have an experience that could potentially change the course of your path. I know women that had one experience at Sat Nam and are now in teacher training. It can be an amazing experience for families, women, children and men. Where else can you find that kind of community for five days with that level and depth of work? Incredible all-around experience — the music, the teaching, the community, the food, everything! It’s that sort of tribal gathering that you feel like they would have had back in the day (though without the fancy things we have now). We get to celebrate life on sacred land with the limited time we got here.

Sat Nam Fest: This theme of women rising has been gaining momentum in the last year, although the wheels have been in motion for a long time. Why is it important for women to rise up into their power now?

Sukhdev: We are in a massive world crisis. There has to be some kind of balance restored. Our generation and the younger generation is a witness to what needs to be healed and is much more attuned into what needs to be healed. Everything has velocity now. It’s the Aquarian age — all things will be revealed in the light in this age of truth. There’s more things being uncovered. All great spiritual leaders have said it: when the women come back into their power, the men will line up and the violence will stop. The aim of the workshop (and all we do) is to facilitate and give women a container where they can heal, process, and remove. They’ll get some tools to take home with them to practice daily. In this day and age, to really make a transformation real there has to be a daily practice with it.

Sat Nam Fest: How can women support each other more and rise together? What practices do you use to foster this?

Sukhdev: There has to be a genuine sense of sisterhood created. That happens through authenticity and through sharing. Once women get into circle, all other insecurities fall away. For some women, it takes time because they have a lot of energy with other women. We’ve all been competing, comparing and complaining. These 3Cs are the downfall of women. If you can bring mindfulness to it, break the habit and replace it with being committed, compassionate and content (and contained!) then we’re really changing things. Contain the energy so the energy isn’t all over the place and you can feed it into things that are important like family, children and creative projects.

Sat Nam Fest: What is the one thing you do or a practice that you recommend to women while they are attending Sat Nam Fest to stay in their power?

Sukhdev: Don’t look around and compare yourself with other people. I have to work on it when I’m there too. Be honest, don’t compare or compete. If you do feel like something comes up, confide and talk about it with a sister.

Sat Nam Fest: What is your go to Mantra and why?

Sukhdev: I love, love, love Guru Ram Das mantra. It is so simple. Right now, I am also really loving Ardas Bhaee. The mantra for unanswered prayers. It is so in the Naad.

Sat Nam Fest: Sat Nam Fest West is located in Joshua Tree. Why do you think this is such a spiritually enlightening place to come to?

Sukhdev: It’s vortex where there are not a lot of distractions, just a lot of nature and activity in the sky. Feels very open and there’s a deep resonance with that land, rocks and trees. There’s something very magical with that place.

My whole spiritual journey started in Joshua Tree. I went for a walk in the park randomly with friends not really knowing what I was doing. The next day I got sober and fasted for ten days. I had never fasted or was a sober a day in my life. I went through this massive spiritual healing in those ten days. I still don’t know what happened to me in Joshua Tree, but something did. I still can’t place what it was 15 years ago. Something welded inside me and I was carried by the grace.

Sat Nam Fest: What is your favorite memory about participating in Sat Nam Fest?

Sukhdev: It’s so hard to pick one because I have so many. I always love sitting in the Green Room with the musicians freestyling, hanging around and shooting the breeze. The time on stage singing with the full band is always a memorable moment for me because it’s one of the few times we get to play as a full band. Doing the shows is really amazing!

Please join Sukhdev Jackson, Wah and Azita Nahai  for their “Woman as Healer” workshop on Wednesday, April 11. This is sure to be an opportunity to open up to your truth centered heart. Held within the safe container of these powerful women and all your sisters at Sat Nam Fest, you are sure to be surrounded with great love and healing.

Sat Naam!