What a treat it is for Sat Nam Fest to receive a special opportunity to communicate with Sukhdev Jackson!  She shares excitement about Sat Nam Fest West, 2019, her Joyful Woman workshop, and her ways of relying on her grace.  Join her to explore more deeply what it means to be a conscious woman today!

You are known to be especially knowledgeable about and aware of the 11 moon centers women have in their bodies; can you share a bit of wisdom about women and the moon cycles / moon centers? 

Sukhdev: The fact is, woman has 11 moon centers on her body and she shifts emotionally every 2.5 days. The problem is, she doesn’t know it. So she constantly questions herself.

In this technology lies the answer to many of her problems and questions. When she can figure out who she is and how she moves throughout the month, she can work on her strengths and her weaknesses. She begins to accept her nature.

This is the power of the Kundalini energy and the great teachings of liberation that are in there for us women.

These teachings have given us a secret doorway into what it means to be a woman. It’s odd because we are women but have strayed too far from our essence that these teachings come at a perfect time to help us recognize who we are, our nature and how to awaken the power that we already are.

You juggle responsibilities as a mother, teacher, wife, musician; what keeps you energized and committed to your practice?

Sukhdev: Ahh beautiful question! What a life and amazing opportunity we have been given to create harmony with it all.  I definitely go through my ups and downs, facing myself and my shadows. As a teacher, it’s no easy task…you constantly have to face yourself. I am learning to do that with more fierce love and compassion than ever.  There are few things that are non-negotiable for me every day. These few things keep me on track, steady and focused on my well-being in all areas.


  1. Sadhana before the sun rises which includes kriya, pranayama and meditation/chanting.
  2. Sweating at least 30-45 mins a day – most days, I run in nature.
  3. A good diet and daily prayer.

It’s taken me many years to work up to getting this to be non negotiable. I think the older you get, the more you have at stake with sharing your gifts in the world, being a householder/wife/mother and a deep desire to serve and uplift. There is no happiness without commitment. In Life you are meant-to-commit.

Also once a month I need a reset. For me it’s in the form of a sweat-lodge or some kind of moon women’s circle. Spending uninterrupted time with my daughter and husband without technology is also becoming a daily practice for us.

The biggest daily practice happens in life, in the home with my family. Bringing patience where I fall short sometimes. Apologizing when I need to and softening into the places where I get triggered. Every day staying open to learning and growing.

It’s not that I do any of these things perfectly! But there is an attempt each day. And when I fall short…I walk in a constant shower of self forgiveness as my teacher says. Love that.

What is your vision and intention for your Wednesday workshop at Sat Nam Fest West this April 2019?

Sukhdev: My intention is to come open-hearted and in full joy with these amazing women’s teachings of Kundalini Yoga! I feel like we were given such a gift with these teachings. They are precious gems which have come at a time where the feminine is remembering who she is and settling back into her true power.

Many of us have struggled with self-acceptance, our inner shadows, addictions and ways that do not serve us. It’s a new day. We have grown through so much in 2018. We have graduated to another level. Now let’s claim it! There is a new veil that has lifted for women collectively.

There is no more competition and comparing to one another. No more complaining.  The sister and mother “wounds” have healed or are healing now.  Self-acceptance and celebration of who we are is the new way of Being in 2019!

It’s just up to us to stay aligned with our Infinite nature so we can live and speak from that place. The way to harness that connection is to do a daily spiritual practice. We call it Sadhana.

Have you ever been to Malibu Canyon?  How do you feel about the new location for Sat Nam Fest this year?

Sukhdev: I have always loved Malibu Canyon; it has a very special energy. The beach, the dark night starry skies and the fresh air are quite magical. It’s a classic California destination and one of the reasons I moved here from Europe! I just can’t wait to be in this new space and energy with you all!

Surjot Kaur is a KRI certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan. She writes about yoga, meditation, and consciousness. She seeks to be a humble observer of the Play of Divine Consciousness. She prays all beings may awaken to total freedom. She lives with a loving husband, two daughters, and a dog in San Diego.