The energy at Sat Nam Fest is uplifting for adults and children alike. This event draws incredible families with beautiful children who, as previous kid’s camp leader Jai Fuller writes, “have chosen to be born into families with parents who are yogis.” Sat Nam Fest is the definition of a family-friendly environment. Kids are even invited on stage to teach and perform songs at various points throughout the festival.

DSC_1629Sat Nam Fest Kid’s Camp is an opportunity for children to experience transformation at their level with experienced teachers and childcare providers. Kids who are completely new to yoga are especially welcome. Outside of kid’s camp, participants light up at the sight of children with their parents at early morning Sadhana, often still so sleepy that they’re curled into little balls at their mama’s feet, or at an evening concert, resting after a long day of fun in the sun. Kids are a grounding presence for all.

Sat Nam Fest organizers ask that parents be mindful of other people’s experiences and take children outside of classes or events if they’re causing disruption, but there are plenty of open spaces to walk away from the crowd, calm down, and regroup.

The venue is also comfortable, kid-friendly, and safe. Parking is limited to areas outside of the festival grounds, and there are wide-open spaces in between the main stage, second stage, and dining area, where children can run around and release excess energy. The variety of food options at every meal are also kid-friendly, and most parents report that they’re able to find something their children will eat and enjoy.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 4.00.00 PMMany parents also report that when they pick up their kids from the day’s activities at kid’s camp, the children are totally engaged, bursting with positive energy and excited to return for the next session. Kids enjoy a wide variety of activities, including hiking, exploring, non-competitive games, yoga-themed craft projects, singing, playing music, and reading stories chock full of yogic values. Some of the activities teach social skills like patience, leadership, team-building, and cooperation. Jai sheds some light on what a typical day at kid’s camp looks like in this blog post from Sat Nam Fest West a few years ago.

Children’s event passes are free for kids ages 12 and under. However, kid’s camp tickets, which include childcare and activities, are available for purchase on Tickets for the entire week are just under $300, or, if you choose to go for a day trip, tickets are between $50-70, depending on which day you go. You can learn more here. 

Sat Nam Fest organizers are asking that you please register your child for an event pass, even if they will be at kid’s camp. I hope to see you there with your family.

Sat Nam!

Sat Nam Fest East 2017 Kid’s Camp Schedule

Wednesday, August 9

After lunch: 12:45pm – 5:30pm

Thursday, August 10

Morning: 8:15am – 12:45pm

After lunch: 1:45pm – 5:45pm

Friday, August 11

Morning: 8:15am – 12:45pm

After lunch: 1:45pm to 5:45pm

Saturday, August 12

Morning: 8:15am – 12:45pm

After lunch: 1:45pm to 5:45pm

Sunday, August 13th

Morning: 8:15am – 12:45pm

Check out the most updated camp schedule (subject to change) here.


Kate is a teacher, writer and mother currently living in Wilmington, Delaware with her daughter Alice.