This week Sat Nam Fest caught up with Gabylu, the Sat Nam Foundation Volunteer Coordinator. Gabylu is a ray of sunshine on the cloudiest days. Her stable, kind, loving presence is such a gift to the Foundation and she carries that attitude with her in everything she does. Gabylu sets a beautiful space for the volunteers that support Sat Nam Fest, and that presence and deep commitment to kindness, love and an open heart shines through each volunteer she works with. We are excited to learn a bit more about Gabylu and what inspires her about working with the amazing individuals that volunteer for Sat Nam Foundation at Sat Nam Fest!

What drew you to volunteer for Sat Nam Fest?

I love music more than anything, it is the main reason I chose Kundalini Yoga as my personal practice. After producing a couple of local concerts for Mirabai Ceiba, I had the opportunity to work on Sat Nam Fest México in 2012. This first experience changed my life forever, I found a wonderful family and a great way to serve, offering everything I have to give. I felt at home serving a beautiful event that brings so much joy and love to the world. 

What are some experiences as a volunteer that stand out to you? 

Being a part of a group of people is one of my favorite things in life. I love when we can work together to create something wonderful for the community and the world. 

To see a gathering of beautiful people offering their gifts, talents, and unique selves to create something much greater than us makes my heart in awe with humanity. 

Are there any moments that really inspired you, and did you carry that inspiration home with you? How did that experience shape your life outside of Sat Nam Fest?

I love the diversity of our team, we all come from different places, paths of life, cultures…and when we sit in a circle and focus our energy in doing something together magic happens. 

I love to see people smile, feeling great about themselves, taking care of each other, finding ways to overcome any challenge, holding each other in any circumstances. 

Being part of the volunteer team makes me believe in a loving humanity, makes me feel part of a great family, gives me strength for my daily life and challenges, and gives me a reason to look forward to the next festival. 

What are some of your favorite moments/memories of working as the volunteer coordinator? 

During set-up and breakdown we gather in a circle twice or three times a day, a beautiful space where we meditate, rest, laugh, share, and create. It is an opportunity to be still, see each other, listen to each other and hold each other’s hands. 

Our sacred circles are something I keep as a precious memory deep in my heart, just thinking about them makes me cry. It is such a gift to share with a group of wonderful people putting their heart and soul into creating an amazing event for everyone.

What do you strive to bring to the volunteer community? 

To create a space where everyone can be authentic, and express their own uniqueness and gifts, feeling part of a community where they can be themselves and serve a greater purpose.

Thank you for everything you bring to the volunteer team Gabylu, you help lead us all to create a little more magic in the world, and to live from a heart centered space rooted in kindness and compassion. We love you!