Are you a looking for practical ways to attract prosperity to your business?

Are you starting your own business and looking for tools that can help you be effective in marketing, sales, negotiations, and communication?

If so, Sat Nam Fest offers you an opportunity to learn from a great teacher—Guru Ganesha Singh Khalsa.


Don’t miss Guru Ganesha Singh’s workshop “The Soul of Success” on Thursday at Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree!

Guru Ganesha is a sales and negotiations trainer with decades of experience living consciously. He’s been building businesses based on integrity and awareness, and his experience of true success extends to both the spiritual and practical realms of life. If there is one down-to-earth, spirited, authentic teacher whom everyone should have the blessing to encounter in this lifetime, it’s Guru Ganesha.

His music and workshops have inspired people from around the world to cultivate their own purposeful, entrepreneurial mind, creative vision, and shining, joyful heart.

His workshop “The Soul of Success” on Thursday April 7 offers practical strategies to make your business more successful. His teachings, upholding the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, focus on refining your business’s clear mission, committing an applied consciousness to business endeavors, and operating with true integrity.

He’ll give you practices to help develop your personal presence. You can build such a strong aura, subtle body, and electromagnetic field that when you simply walk into the room, your colleagues and clients will feel they are confident, productive, and thriving.

Guru Ganesha’s workshop will give insights to help you increase your capacity for intentional communications so that no message is delivered without the consciousness, creativity, and caliber that you intend.

All businesses experience hardship and trials. But Guru Ganesha’s workshop offers a chance to learn how meditation can alter neurotransmitters in the brain to help you break through blocks and work from the creative capacity of limitless possibilities.

Guru Ganesha is a grandfather, an artist, a musician. He’s forged deep friendships with musicians such as Krishna Das, Deva Premal, Miten, and Manose. As a pioneer of world devotional music, he is a exceptionally dynamic musician whose songs evoke and combine traditions in kirtan, gospel, folk, blues, raga, and rock. His teacher is the classical Indian musician Professor Paramjeet Singh. Guru Ganesha draws inspiration from mantra and music as well as decades of yoga and meditation practice. His music is authentic and soulful. His guitar is an extension of his spirit. During his workshops and performances, he is known to share stories, cosmic jokes, and nuggets of wisdom. His presence is like an uplifting vibration, amplified, the musical ensemble of ten thousand suns. His presence will instantly put you in touch with your own inner joy.