Consider the upper palate of your mouth. This may be a small part of your physical anatomy, but it plays a large role in your health and well-being; plus, the roof of your mouth is a stargate in your cosmic anatomy.

There are many teachings about Naad Yoga, and an important one is the teaching about using the tongue and voice to sing and chant mantras; while chanting, the tongue strikes against the roof of the mouth to stimulate the hypothalamus. This sends messages to the glands to secrete and the whole glandular system starts working to bring the physical body into a state of balance and synchronicity.

Meanwhile, the subtle movements of the tongue and the roof of the mouth are like graceful steps in a ballroom dance with a wondrous intimate partner, the cosmos. This is what it means to vibrate the cosmos. And the tongue vibrates very subtly; even when we are not singing or speaking, the tongue vibrates. Being aware of this subtle vibration is Naad Yoga. This awareness brings healing.

As a subtle science, Naad Yoga uses particular combinations of sounds that work on that soundboard of the palate to connect your wakeful awareness to your soul body. Naad yoga is practiced along with asana and kriya so that yoga practice is well-rounded and refines every dimension of the whole being. Mastery of Naad Yoga involves actively participating in immersive experiences in the sacred Sound Current. This is not about coming together to sing around the camp fire; this is about upgrading consciousness. It’s hard work with everyone’s load made lighter through song. The most powerful and lasting upgrades to consciousness occur in large gatherings of communities that celebrate chanting together for continuous hours and days. Sat Nam Fest gatherings keep high vibes sustained and create pools of nectar for consciousness to bathe in, revitalizing the connection between mind and soul.

We  create sounds that sing to the soul.  For that link between soul and mind to be crystalized, the mantras  help carry the message.  With the  word Waheguru, “Wah” is an expression of bliss “Hey” gives that expression strength.  Some of these sounds are heard much deeper than with your physical ears.   When you allow yourself to become silent and simply feel  / listen to the  way the sounds move within your self, you can become attuned to what is called “Anadi Naad” or the sound of the infinite.

The universe has  an infinite spectrum of sounds, of which only a tiny bit of that spectrum is perceptible to human ears. But a continuous, deep immersion in the sound current, the more of that infinite spectrum can be perceived and available.

Yogis understand the sacred sound current is as important for good health as vitamins and minerals. Consciously engaging in song and chant of sacred sounds invokes a state of anahat, the unstruck sound that you cannot hear but that makes the three trillion cells in the body vibrate at elevated frequencies. In many dimensions of contemporary day-to-day society, mental health issues, physical pains, and emotional stress are getting too much voice and spotlight; it seems many communities grow dangerously convinced that being in a perpetual crisis mode is the norm.

What’s special about Sat Nam Fest is the collective intention to create an expansive Naad Yoga shelter. What’s special is that hundreds of beings savor the music and sweat through the yoga to form one magnetic field of subtle vibration that can cut away ego, ignorance, and all that obstructs the collective consciousness from experiencing the truth. What’s special about Sat Nam Fest is you resonating your unique expression of courage, grace, and high spirits in a way that you may not be able to do elsewhere.

Sat Nam Fest is a wild good time for the Sacred Sound Current to free itself upon the world. On the outside, it may look like we sit together, relax, or move and chant. On a more subtle layer, there are hundreds of tongues striking hundreds of upper palates and every one a healer. There is an infinite number of layers of vibration reaching underground and unto cosmic realms that we cannot speak of beyond describing it all as purely enchanting.

So, bring your palms together now in prayer pose and say, Sat Naam! Feel the tongue on the roof of the mouth and say, Sat Naam! Bow to the healer within you and say, Sat Naam!

Surjot Kaur is a KRI certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan. She writes about yoga, meditation, and consciousness. She seeks to be a humble observer of the Play of Divine Consciousness. She prays all beings may awaken to total freedom. She lives with a loving husband, two daughters, and a dog in San Diego.