After years of successful kids camps, for the first time at Sat Nam Fest Berkshires, we will host a teen program! Geared towards ages 13-16, the program will focus on giving teens an opportunity to come together and have their own experience of Sat Nam Fest while having fun with their peers.

I had the chance to learn more when I connected with Dhyan Saling, an experienced Waldorf and Kundalini Yoga teacher from San Diego who is taking the lead on this initiative. She has attended Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree for many years serving in many different ways, so we are excited for her to join us on the east coast.

Sat Nam Fest: Tell us about your plans for the first-ever Sat Nam Fest teen program. What will a sample day be like?

Dhyan: The teen program at Sat Nam Fest has the mission and purpose to give teens a direct experience of their spirit, grit, character, and capacity to be themselves. Each day of the program, we will partake in meditations and yoga sets, teamwork games, creative expression activities, and much, much more!

Sat Nam Fest: I am so inspired by those who enjoy working with tweens and teens. I remember they were challenging years for me. What inspired you to start working with youth of this age?

Dhyan: I’m inspired to work with young adults because I remember how much I was searching for my own voice and for something deeper than the average high school world offered me. I wasn’t satisfied with my worldly routine. I wanted more! Working with teens allows me to give them little bits and pieces of different means for them to relate to their highest self and discover their true identity through diverse avenues of creative expression, social interactions, and intellectual discussion that allow deeper conversations about the ups and downs of life.

Sat Nam Fest: You spent two weeks as the assistant director of Khalsa Youth Camp at Ram Das Puri in New Mexico earlier this summer. What will you bring with you from that experience in New Mexico to Massachusetts?

Dhyan: I learned so much from the children during Khalsa Youth Camp! I was inspired to see all the campers taking cold showers, doing their sadhana, martial arts, nature adventures, and a lot more, all in the hard desert environment. I will for sure bring to Sat Nam Fest Berkshires a lot of the meditations and activities we did!

Sat Nam Fest: Have you been to the Berkshires before? It is quite a different environment from San Diego. Any bucket list items you hope to fulfill while in New England?

Dhyan: I’ve never been to the east coast before! I’m very excited to go to Boston. I have heard amazing things about the prana in the area and can’t wait to check it out myself. I hope to have the chance to get a sense of the city by walking around and exploring some local coffee shops.

Sat Nam Fest: Do you have a favorite mantra or kriya that you most enjoy sharing with youth to inspire them to explore (or continue) the path of Kundalini yoga?

Dhyan: I really like to share practical meditations and kriyas that kids and teens can use in their every day lives. For example:

  • The Get Rid of Your Couldn’t meditation is great to help youth build that intrinsic self confidence and it is great to use this practice before taking tests or when they great frustrated learning new things in school.
  • Meditations that teens can do before going to bed help them to relax and have peaceful sleep, avoid nightmares, and help them to cope with seeing their parents fight, etc.
  • Kriya to Know Through Intuition followed by different games that allow young adults to access their intuitive nature (I love to talk to teens about their intuition. It’s super fun and amazing to see them before and after the meditation!)
  • Celestial communication is always a must with kids.
  • Kirtan Kriya is amazing. I have too many favorites, I can’t choose!

Dhyan’s energy and devotion will be a wonderful addition to Sat Nam Fest Berkshires this year. We are so glad she is joining us – and we are sure the teens will love it too!


Haridev Kaur  has attended eight Sat Nam Fests and now serves as the work exchange coordinator, where she answers questions, receives applications and helps place volunteers into jobs.