How did you first get into Kundalini Yoga?
Satya: I met Gurmukh at a yoga Journal conference and was hooked after one class

What inspired you to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher and what keeps your passion for teaching going?
Satya: I took the training because after practicing for over 10 years I saw how it helped transform people to be all they can be so quickly.

Why do you like teaching at Sat Nam Fest?
Satya: This Festival is so magical. The people the teachers the food the music and all the energy combined recharges me like nothing else.

What about the Kundalini Yoga community feels special to you?
Satya: My Kundalini Yoga family is my soul family our connections are so deep and we share this powerful practice that connects us.

What is your favorite aspect of Sat Nam Fest?
Satya: I love all of it!!!!

What are some of your hobbies?
Satya: I love yoga, hiking, making jewelry, writing and travel.

What are tools you use to help manage stress?
Satya: Yoga and meditation, of course.

What inspires what you will teach at Sat Nam Fest?
Satya: The idea of healing people find there truth and own power to find happiness in their lives.

Do you have a favorite mantra, yoga set or kriya?
Satya: I love so many. Mool Mantra is what I wake up to.

Satya teaches a workshop at Sat Nam Fest: Creating Malas and Miracles

Come and explore the sacred art of mala making with Satya Scainetti, Founder of Satya Jewelry and learn how malas are used in daily practice to help manifest miracles. Creating a personal mala works to open the heart and serve as a talisman for empowerment and well-being. During this powerful and inspiring workshop we will focus on tapping into our individual Truth and explore how we can use this to collectively be the change in the world. Each attendee will use their intuition to select a healing gemstone for their bracelet mala and the  infuse intention and prayer into each stone, leaving the workshop with a beautiful one-of-kind bracelet mala and 40 day meditation to inspire them on their journey.