GuruGanesha is a force!  He has had a larger impact on bringing sacred music to the planet than anyone we know.  His vision started from a single belief that sacred music would change the world.  From that vision, he started Spirit Voyage, which funded the beginning of his own musical career as well as the careers of Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, Jai-Jagdeesh, Nirinjan Kaur, Ajeet Kaur, Gurunam Singh and many more, allowing that music to grow and spread around the world.  Sat Nam Fest considers GuruGanesha the father of this musical community we continue to nurture and support every day.

We had a chance to ask him some questions to share a little bit of his love, light and chutzpah with you today!

Sat Nam Fest: People LOVED your story-telling class at Sat Nam Fest Malibu Canyon. Can you share one of the stories?

GuruGanesha: It was autumn 1972 and Yogi Bhajan was in Washington DC delivering a White Tantric yoga course at the Church of the Holy City a few blocks from Ahimsa Ashram, our 3HO ashram At 1704 Q St. NW. I was blessed to go out to eat with him and some of his staff and the Ashram leadership. I was still a hippy with long hair and a headband and still had a rock’n roll band based in Worcester MA where I had started doing kundalini yoga. Over our meal, one of his staff introduced me to him and told him I was a rock’n roll musician just getting into Kundalini Yoga. He looked at me up and down and said…. “I really like your music! “

I was super flattered though quite stunned that he knew about my music and I thanked him for the compliment… He responded with a loud belly laugh and said …. “Son, I don’t mean your music… I mean your generation’s music….. the Beatles etc.” ….. I nodded feeling a bit embarrassed… he then went on…. “I love your music but not all the lyrics…. like… I can’t get no satisfaction, etc. Keep writing and playing your music but consider using mantras and Divine poetry as lyrics instead of the emotionally neurotic lyrics that you guys are currently using. In that way you will touch and uplift people instead of making them more depressed! “

I was super inspired and remember simply saying….”Far out! “ Needless to say that was a seminal moment in my evolution as a musician and I’ve done my best to heed his guidance ever since…

Guru Singh joined GuruGanesha for his music and story telling class and the laughter was endless!

Sat Nam Fest: We heard that there is a documentary being made about your life? Can you tell us a little bit about that?

GuruGanesha: Yes. Recently a highly skilled film-maker named Andres Izquierdo (originally from Columbia) moved to Northern Virginia and started doing Kundalini Yoga at our Raj Yoga Center in Sterling Virginia . He became friends with Nam Sadhana Singh (aka Fred Small) a relatively new member of our local community who is very active in our yoga center. The Kundalini Yoga and Music has been so healing and uplifting to Andres that he wants to share it with the world via a full length documentary about the 3HO lifestyle with me as the protagonist. He recently attended Sat Nam Fest where he filmed the GuruGanesha Band concert and did extensive interviews about me and our lifestyle with a number of folks there. He also did the same at the Celebrate Krishna event in North Hollywood CA in May 4. He hopes to finish the film over the next year then submit it the the Cannes Film Festival… we expect it will end up being available on Netflix soon thereafter.

Sat Nam Fest: You have been an outspoken supporter of the LBGTQ community and the importance of gay rights for years. You talked about the song Love is Love being dedicated to the rights of anyone to marry the person they love regardless of gender. Can you share a bit about how that has been received on tour and since the album’s release?

GuruGanesha: YES! We are big supporters of gay rights and the LGBTQ community. Our album ‘Love is Love’ and the title track by the same name is dedicated to every adult’s right to love as they choose. Clearly the vast majority of folks who attend our concerts feel the same way as the response to our effort to shine the Light on this issue has been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic!


Sat Nam Fest: Can you give us a sneak peek at what you will be sharing at Sat Nam Fest?

GuruGanesha: Our Thursday eve concert will feature the title track from our new album that’s currently in the works called ‘Game of Love’ and we will be covering a classic by John Lennon that I will leave unnamed for the time being so it’s a surprise. Also, you can expect lots of heretofore untold stories of my personal experiences with Yogi Bhajan during my Friday morning story-telling class!