In Kundalini yoga, we teach that people have 10 bodies and each has a specific purpose for helping us be healthy, happy and holy. We all know the physical body, but we also have three mental bodies and six energy bodies.  Each body has certain gifts that come forth when strong and certain deficit tendencies that come forth when weak. You can find out your gifts and weaknesses with your birthdate. Here is a short definition of each body and stones that strengthen them.

1st Body 

Soul Body: Living from the heart. The infinite vibration inside of us. 

Stones: Rose quartz to open the heart and heal the past. Rosewood to remove obstacles on our path that keep us from living the life we want. 


2nd Body

Negative Mind: Protective thoughts that identify danger. 

Stones: Malachite to dispel negativity and old behaviors. Black onyx for protection, especially when overwhelmed. Both create confidence and leadership.


3rd Body 

Positive Mind: Projective thoughts that identify an opportunity.

Stones: Rhodonite to bring opportunity in love, work and spiritual growth. Carnelian for courage, creativity and stability.


4th Body 

Neutral Mind:

Meditative thoughts that calculate and listen to intuition. 

Stones: Prehnite to bring us into harmony with life and enhance intuition. Tiger’s Eye creates connection with integrity and spiritual willpower for the highest good.


5th Body 

Physical Body: The human form that all other bodies express through. Our service to humanity. 

Stones: Hematite or tourmaline to strengthen the body. Hematite is great for circulation and also gives one a strong-as-steel vibration. Tourmaline is great for digestion and connects us to humanity.


6th Body 

Arcline: Our halo and nucleus of the aura. Women have a second arcline between breasts.

Stones:  Tulsi to promote spiritual awareness. Clear quartz to bring us into alignment with the highest self and channel universal energy. Both increase devotion. 


7th Body 

Aura: Electromagnetic field around the body. It protects us as well as helps us project from the heart. 

Stones: Pearl or Howlite to strengthen the aura and align the chakras. Both bring grace, purity and calm.


8th Body

Pranic Body: Our life-force energy that is carried on the breath.

Stones: Citrine to energize, clarify and enhance flow. Sandalwood’s sweet and calming fragrance will allow us to take deep breaths. Both stones remind us that breath is life. 


9th Body 

Subtle Body: Our strong intuition to understand all. 

Stones: Labradorite or Amethyst to heighten our intuition, see what isn’t being shown and hear what isn’t being said. Both are protective stones, as well. 


10th Body 

Radiant Body: Our royal, courageous vibration that commits to our path. 

Stones: Lapis or Garnet to enhance commitment to one’s path and to maintain clarity. Lapis is a regal stone that will keep anything inauthentic away. Garnet helps us follow our passions.

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Alyson Atma Simms, E-RYT 500, is a natural bridge between the earthly and divine realms. She was drawn to her first yoga class in 2001 and her life became one of devotion to all forms of yoga and healing. Her teaching style brings an intensity of spirit, while enveloping you in grace and humor. With a degree in Art Education and a long-time interest in gems and jewelry making, it only seemed natural to bring these into her love of yoga. Her teachings in Hatha, Kundalini, & Meditation have led her around the world to teach. Her business, Atma’s Offerings, supplies delightful mala beads and other devotional products.