Everything in my life just feels busy right now, but I know that Sat Nam Fest Berkshires is only a few days away. I’m excited my cleansing exhale of relaxation is coming soon. Why do I feel that way? My list of reasons is long. Two that land at the top: Simrit and Jai Dev. I am so looking forward to their workshops and concerts at the festival, including:

I had the chance to catch up with this powerful couple a few days ago and hear about the energy and spirit they are bringing to the Berkshires.

Sat Nam Fest: One of my favorite recordings of yours, Simrit, is from the very first Spirit Fest, “Hey Gobind.” I remember when you performed it in that wooden building in West Virginia. Do you have any stories you would like to share from that first festival?

Simrit: I remember that being one of the first times I performed that song, and it was a very beautiful experience. Most of the crowd was in tears, along with me. That was the beginning of the Sat Nam Fest festival. So it was really intimate. I really enjoyed it.

Sat Nam Fest: You have both been to so many Sat Nam Fests. What keeps you coming back? How does it fuel your musical/teaching/healing journey?

Simrit: The people. It’s all about connecting with the people. There are so many people from so many beautiful places that come to this festival, from all walks of life. It’s the people.

Sat Nam Fest: Tell me about your recent tour, Simrit. I saw you in a beautiful sacred space in Washington, D.C., and I found your concert so wonderfully unique in sound and so welcoming and warming. How has your approach to touring shifted in the past few years to create such an environment?

Simrit: First of all, thank you! Yes, the tours are getting bigger, and the venues are getting bigger every year, so that changes things in the physical sense, but the more I tour, the easier it gets. So, I feel at ease and very intimate with the audience, even when the venues are bigger. The music is really getting better every year, too. The band and I really have developed a lot over the past few years, and the music gets better and better each tour. Also, the more we tour, the more efficient and professional the experience is. That helps a lot, as well. There’s a big difference between my tour two years ago and my tour now.

Sat Nam Fest: There are so many shifts going on in our country and world — many painful. We could anticipate this with the shift to the Aquarian Age, but it is challenging all the same. How does your music and spiritual practice support you in these times? What do you wish for those listening to your music in these times?

Simrit: The world has always been an incredibly wild place, just like it is now. There has been war and killing since the beginning of time. I feel that is not necessarily something that will just go away on this planet. I feel we come here to learn in the midst of fear and conflict, so that we can find the inner resolution. Music and meditation practice is my spirituality. Everything in life is spiritual, so everything (the dark and the light) has the capacity to support us in these times and serve as a cornerstone of evolution.

When I am immersed in the music, I feel secure in the unknown. That is the biggest lesson here on earth. We don’t know anything, and it’s okay to live in the unknown. We don’t know why all these things are happening on the planet right now. We can act like we do, and science can say this and that, but there is something way bigger going on. For those listening to my music in these times, may the music help you to feel deeply, enjoy yourself in this time, and to find peace within. May it serve as any kind of inspiration that you need or want.

Sat Nam Fest: Jai Dev, you teach in such a lovely diversity of places. I see that you are going to have a new training in the Sacred Valley of Peru this fall. I have also seen both of you write about the community in which you live, Nevada City, which sounds like a wonderful place (that’s on my bucket list to visit). Can you tell me more about how natural landscapes inspire you in your teaching?

Jai Dev: There is something so magnificent and huge that we are a part of when in these energetically charged places. We can’t put our finger on what that is, but we receive a transmission from these places. So, it creates a natural vacuum to give of our hearts and possibly in other ways, in a very sincere way. Simply being in nature can charge us up, and when we combine that with places, like the Sacred Valley of Peru, that have been sacred portals for thousands of years, then the experience of the energy is something we carry with us for a lifetime. We carry that energy with us. It sits in our electromagnetic field, and it touches each and every being that we come into contact with. It has an infinite effect on our consciousness, and the consciousness of everyone that we meet, and it helps us to grow in ways that we cannot even imagine.

[EPIC EXHALE…] I love these two. I am so excited they will be at Sat Nam Fest Berkshires for the wonderful music and teachings they share, but also simply for their high vibrational presence. Their concerts and workshops are not something you want to miss.


Haridev Kaur  has attended eight Sat Nam Fests and now serves as the work exchange coordinator, where she answers questions, receives applications and helps place volunteers into jobs.