The food at Sat Nam Fest is delicious! Eating at Sat Nam Fest will make you re-think ‘festival food’. The entire experience is amazing – from the mouth-watering organic, vegetarian meals to the pleasure of dining with new friends. It’s a fantastic community experience! You can really feel the love from Shivanter, the head chef at Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree, and his dedicated crew in every bite. You just have to try it!

Thank you, Shivanter for taking time out of your day to talk with us about the food and Festival Meal Plan at Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree!

Can you tell us why you love Sat Nam Fest?


Complete your festival experience with yummy food from the Sat Nam Fest Meal Plan!

What I appreciate so much about Sat Nam Fest is the community. Many of us live very disconnected lives: we get so wrapped up in our day to day responsibilities that we lose touch with some of our basic needs, such as connecting with other human beings. Sat Nam Fest gives us the chance to re-connect and recharge. 

One of the most basic and powerful ways to connect and recharge is through sharing meals with old friends, new friends, family, and even some of our foes, sitting at a table together and sharing food is amazing and we just don’t do it enough.

What are the benefits of participating in the Sat Nam Fest Meal Plan?

Participating in the meal plan supports your experience on so many levels: to break bread three times a day with other like-minded individuals, sharing stories, laughing and sometimes crying makes everything so much more richer! The saying “Let thy food be thy medicine” translates into so many different definitions, not only what we are ingesting, but also the environments that we surround ourselves with. Eating with good, loving, supportive folks makes for everything to feel better and taste delicious, if I must say so myself :)!

Can you tell us about the kind of food you will be serving at Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree?


Enjoy fresh, organic, vegetarian food every day at Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree!

The food that we are serving is very much in the yogic lifestyle concepts. We eliminate dairy and meat, and focus on low sugar, low carbs, alternative proteins, and organics as much as possible. Our food comes from 30 plus years of experience working with vegetarian/vegan cooking. Our kitchen is staffed with food creator specialists, who are focused on serving the best food possible three times a day. This is not to say that we are not without challenges: the kitchen is small, the dining room gets packed with folks, and sometimes we will run out of something (which is quickly replaced, if not with the same item, something close). We also get really tired because we work 12-14 hr days to make your experience the best we can. We are here to serve. We place attention on consciousness in what we serve. We try not to waste anything and we work with the best products available to us. We hire locally for the support roles in the kitchen and we try to sing and laugh as much as possible during those 12-14 hr. days.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Sat Nam Fest is a celebration of life and unity, song and prayer, upliftment and joyfulness, community, love and sharing. Eating from the Sat Nam Fest Meal Plan, we can guarantee that you will feel the love! If you haven’t signed up for the meal plan, you should, its truly well worth it on so many levels!

Sat Nam,

Shivanter Singh and crew.

Learn more about the Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree Meal Plan here!

Allison is a Yogini, Reiki Master, and Lover of Life.