Immerse yourself in relaxation and healing at the new Sat Nam Fest West Spa.  Sink into tranquility as your stresses and worries are massaged away by one of our incredible healers.  Let the calming, aromatic scents invigorate your mind and soothe your body, ensuring your health, relaxation, and presence for everything Sat Nam Fest has to offer.

Swedish and Deep Tissue massages are available now to enhance your Sat Nam Fest Experience.  Rejuvenate your body surrounded by the powerful energy of Sat Nam Fest and unwind as your favorite Spirit Voyage artists lull you into a calming state of bliss.  Make this Sat Nam Fest your ultimate relaxation and spiritual retreat and reserve your massage today.

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Sat Nam Fest is excited to announce that Mahankirn will be offering Sat Nam Rasayan healing sessions. Sat Nam Rasayan is a form of healing that requires one to be willing to sit in meditative silence to relieve emotional and physical pain. This subtle and powerful form of healing balances both focus and relaxation to allow the body to revive to its whole and natural state. Mahan Kirn is an internationally recognized healer and has studied under both Yogi Bhajan and Guru Dev.
“Healing comes from mental purity with grace and dignity of mind and commitment of character.  It is very easy.  However, at this moment, I feel it is my honorable duty to let people know the way Sardarni Sahiba Mahanirn Kaur Khalsa has focused the universal healing power into my body and being.  This is an achievement and I feel obligated to share this with you for her growth, strength and personality which is God given.”   -Yogi Bhajan
E-mail to pre-book your Sat Nam Rasayan.