When first looking into attending Sat Nam Fest, I found a link to the work exchange program. It initially seemed to me like a great way to save on the overall cost and didn’t appear it would take too much to fulfill my commitment. I was correct on both counts, but found so much more than expected. “Work” doesn’t accurately describe the experience. Service exchange for Sat Nam Fest allows you to shine your brightest – using your passions, hobbies, vocations. They all support our community’s needs.

Do you spend a lot of time on social media? We need photos, videos, and live updates throughout the week. Do you want to save the planet? Our green crew strives to minimize our footprint and ensure a sustainable event. Are you a people person? Registration helpers get to greet all attendees upon arrival and set the initial tone for guests’ overall experience. Do you love the musicians as much as you love their music? Stage crew assists performers and teachers on- and off-stage and sees to overall flow of concerts. Having served in this capacity myself, I can say that meeting these amazingly talented people has been an endlessly rewarding experience. There are many other service options that come together to create a magical time for everyone involved.

Sat Nam Fest literally cannot happen without these vital individuals. Without You.

All that will be required is an 18-26-hour time commitment (depending on the exchange) broken into 4-6 work shifts (no more than 6 hours each festival day). In exchange you will receive a ticket to Sat Nam Fest for only $275! That’s a 5-day festival pass, 13 meals (Wed Lunch – Sun Lunch), and a camping pass (with upgrade options).

You will also receive a “virtual” invitation to become a bigger part of the Sat Nam Fest experience. You will be given the opportunity to serve, laugh, and grow with some of my favorite humans. I invite you to look further into all the amazing opportunities here.

Do not delay. Sign up to share your light with the rest of us. I can’t wait to watch you shine!