Imagine feeling white sand between your toes, your eyes admiring the sun that shines over the turquoise water, your ears delighting in the sweet notes of Mirabai Ceiba‘s music, joining together with the sacred sounds of the sea and the wind. For me, this is the perfect scenario for a week of unforgettable moments of transformation, celebration and joy.

Sat Nam Fest creates a sacred space where we experience deep transformation that improves our quality of life – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. During the week, we immerse ourselves in celebration, freedom, trust, hope and joy. Our true essence flourishes in every class, workshop and concert. Our body regains its strength, the mind its peace, and the spirit its freedom.

We are deeply grateful that Mirabai Ceiba will be a part of Sat Nam Fest México again this year. Their presence is always soothing for the spirit, their music creates a state of joy, love, devotion, awareness and kindness nurturing our being.

Mirabai Ceiba has become a worldwide icon of music, especially in the Riviera Maya where we have followed their musical and personal growth closely. There is a celestial magic in their music – its richness and depth resonates in the heart with devotion and joy, which has made them favorites of both the Kundalini community and many other paths. Their music unites, transcending borders, languages and cultures.

It was a pleasure to connect with them during their world tour to talk about their long-awaited visit to Mexico. Mirabai Ceiba has been part of the awareness movement and sacred music in in the Riviera Maya. Having the opportunity to enjoy their live music year-after-year is a great gift for the Méxican and Caribbean family. Enjoy the interview!

Gely_Mirabai_SNFSat Nam Fest: How do you feel performing for the family that has seen you grow during your career?

Mirabai Ceiba: It is a great gift to have such a close family to share music and celebrate life every year. It is like returning home and seeing each other grow, and our children as well.

Sat Nam Fest: You participate in different festivals and travel the world sharing your music. Why is it so important to gather at events like Sat Nam Fest?

Mirabai Ceiba: Because it is a gathering where we are charged with energy and inspiration to be part of this world and give the best of ourselves, our life and the Earth.

We know you love the sea and the Riviera Maya, what do you enjoy most about Sat Nam Fest México and the Caribbean?

Mirabai Ceiba: The combination of singing, dancing, meditating, doing yoga, spending time with good friends – all that and the Sea!

Sat Nam Fest: You have the opportunity to reach large audiences globally. What role does your music play in the change of consciousness in the world?

Mirabai Ceiba: One of our main purposes is for music to serve as a heart-to-heart bond, and hold us all in a space of unity and fraternity. When we can feel that bond, it is when everything falls in its place, inside and outside us, and we hope that they are seeds of love that are sowing in the world.

Markus_Mirabai_SNFSat Nam Fest: One of the things that we admire and enjoy about your workshops and concerts are the messages and experiences that you share between songs. Last year, a very strong message that resonated with the audience was about the importance of our daily actions to create a real change in the world. What can we do in our day to day to improve our relationship with Mother Earth?

Mirabai Ceiba: Always think carefully every decision before buying anything. What is the final destination of what I am buying? And also, Mother Earth is our body, what do we put in it?

Don’t miss the opportunity to join Mirabai Ceiba at their opening workshop and magical night concert on the beach!


Estudiante, practicante e instructora de Kundalini Yoga certificada por KRI e IKYTA México. Especializada en Yoga para Niños, Enseñanzas para la Mujer y Embarazo Consciente. Se ha dedicado a compartir las enseñanzas de Yogi Bhajan por más de diez años. Se ha formado como doula, es madre y goza profundamente de acompañar a otras mujeres en la maternidad y la crianza.