Written by Victor Gotelaere


So many good intentions, such lofty goals too quickly fallen to the way side for one reason or another. Yep…It’s that time again, “New Year’s Resolution” time. For many this has become more a time to be haunted by the ghost of failed resolutions past than to consider positive change. It’s easier to just resolve to make no more resolutions than to fail again…am I right? Yet this is an excellent opportunity to shed the excuses of the past and start anew, to really focus on YOU and all of your wondrous possibilities. Now is the time to resolve to evolve.gurusingh-quote

We would love to be part of this resolution of evolution. Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree is a place for physical, mental and spiritual growth. Most New Year’s Resolutions fail not due to lack of intent or motivation, but rather a lack of support. We are here for you. Begin by setting your intention to join us in the desert sanctuary. Then let us help you take your practice further before you get here. Start by setting the alarm 17 minutes earlier and spending that time in meditation. Focus on your goals, see yourself pulling into the grounds, setting your mat out, finishing that first class, enjoying that delicious second helping at lunch, the beautiful music, the hoot of the owls as you drift off to sleep, the breathtaking sunrises. Oh Yes…focus on it. Don’t just make it to Sadhana, push yourself further and be the first to Japji! Spend 17 more seconds holding that “one” pose and slowly build up your endurance. We are right there with you; In 2017 we shall fear no kriya! If you’re not vegetarian, can you spend 17 days with a meatless, animal free diet? We’ll help with recipe ideas. Can you go further…? Still loving your hot shower in the morning? Can you turn it down 17 degrees? 17 days without coffee? 17 sweet sugarless days? See where we’re going with this?

So many little things that can come together so easily to transform you. So many little things that can change everything. So many people just like you focusing on similar goals. So many souls shining brightly, creating a light to see you through the darkest days in the coming year. So many reasons for you to make this the year you say “Yes” to yourself.

This year do not merely make a resolution, Resolve to Evolve at Sat Nam Fest.

We’ll see you on the mat. 😉