Sat Nam Fest begins the moment you choose to attend. Since the festival celebrates the practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, there is an appealing mystery — both vast and subtle — that starts stirring our inner being the moment we say, “Yes, I must attend Sat Nam Fest.”

It may seem like there are months before Sat Nam Fest West, which begins this April 11, but here are ways to consciously prepare for your journey. Prepare with enthusiasm for a deeper experience!

Set Your Intention

As Kundalini Yogis, especially if you have ever practiced Tratikum meditation on Yogi Bhajan’s photo, we become familiar with our capacity for mental beaming. This means that we use our mind as a powerful light beam to project our highest frequency and manifest truth. Consider what you seek to dive into at the festival this year. Visit the page where there are new updates for descriptions of workshops. Knowing in advance can help you align your intention with your most luminous expansion.

Plan Your Travel

Will you be flying in to Los Angeles, Ontario, or Palm Springs for the festival? If flying, know the shuttle companies that can get you from the airport to the Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

Airport shuttle options include:

SkyCab Shuttle Service 760.272.5988

Park Avenue 760.799.4506

AM/PM Shuttle 760.409.8826

Affordable rates for rental cars can be found on VRBO.

You will want to know that you are headed to the Joshua Tree Retreat Center at 59700 29 Palms Highway Joshua Tree, California. The GPS coordinates are N34• 8′ 6″ W 116• 21′ 40.

Share the Ride

Did you know that Sat Nam Fest has a ride share board on Facebook? Plan to travel to the festival with friends or even with brand new acquaintances who share your love for the practice. This is a great way to build community. Visit the Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree Ride Share Facebook group. We would love for you to find souls and connect with them long before you arrive.

Connect on Facebook then agree to practice a 40-day meditation together. Agree to be Sadhana buddies. Preparing together and sharing a ride to Sat Nam Fest contributes to building a cozy community. It also helps with reducing our carbon footprint and the individual cost of fuel. Join the ride share group on Facebook. Be part of the conversation and connect.

Books to Read

If you plan to attend the 21 Stages course, be sure to get your hands on the life-changing book 21 Stages of Meditation by Gurucharan Singh Khalsa in advance. And here are some other books authored by Sat Nam Fest presenters to read before you attend the festival:

The Body Temple by Ramdesh Kaur.

21st Century Prophets by Guru Singh

Essentials of Kundalini Yoga by Karena Virginia and Dharm Khalsa

Start a local or online book club that features these titles to read together and discuss!


We hope that you are joining in with Spirit Voyage‘s 40-day Global Sadhanas – the next one is with Snatam Kaur and is entitled the Power to Self-Elevate. This Global Sadhana will allow us to tap into the infinite reservoir of happiness that lives inside each and every one of us. Also, be sure to listen to Snatam’s new album, Beloved.

Revisit Past Festivals

Did you know that you can spend hours revisiting memorable moments from past festivals? If you have not visited Spirit Voyage’s YouTube channel, I encourage you to do so. Watching videos from past festivals will bring tears to your eyes. It’s remarkable how they capture the spirit, energy, and high vibration. Soak in it! Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 10.30.09 AM

Connect With Your Tribe

If you have attended the festival in the past, you may have enjoyed the pleasure of deeply connecting with people at the Sat Nam Fest who live in different cities far from your hometown. Have you exchanged contact information with them? If so, now is the time to get in touch to see if you will be meeting them again in Joshua Tree this April. The festival is a seedbed for building relationships and meeting new people. Keep those connections alive and rekindle old acquaintances before you arrive. Compare plans and agree to make time to reconnect.

For Deeper Contemplation

The human organism is an intricate cosmic essence. The more that you can prepare physically, mentally, and energetically for a radically transformational experience, the deeper you will go with your journey at Sat Nam Fest. This experience is what you make it. Prepare to manifest the true name: Sat Naam. Prepare for the grace within you to shine through you!