“I believe that spiritual resistance – the ability to stand firm at the center of our convictions when everything around us asks us to concede, that our capacity to face the harsh measures of a life, comes from the deep quiet of listening to the land, the river the rocks. There is a resonance of humility that has evolved with the Earth. It is the best retrieved in solitude amidst the stillness of days in the desert.” – Terry Tempest Wiliams, From Red: Passion and Patience in the Desert

desert_starsAs someone who grew up in Rhode Island and now lives on the coast of Maine, my days in the desert have been limited. It is a place that I never thought I would fall in love with, but I have. My visits have almost always been in conjunction with the practice of Kundalini Yoga, at events like Sat Nam Fest. Perhaps that is why the healing space created in the desert environment feels so potent – so ripe for transformation. There is a depth of connection that happens – simultaneously with both Earth and Infinity – when you bring your practice in the desert and honor all that the sacred land has to offer. Feeling your footsteps on the Earth, amongst the Joshua Trees, while gazing up at the expansive sky, there is solitude . . .passion for life .  . . patience. . .and the desire to listen. . .with intention and presence.

These words came to me during Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree 2017, during a time of prayer, connection and healing. I share them with you, humbly.

I turned into the wind
And cried,
“Everything hurts.”

I am battered from
All sides.
At times, being caught
in its pulsing rhythm.
Later, holding on
So tight,
As it becomes unpredictable
And unknown.

Pavan Guru – this wind,
This breath,
In all its Divine Power,
Used to have me believe,
in what seems like another lifetime,
that it was simply
Echoing around me
With its destructive force.

But now I see:

There is so much love here.

And this wind is one of
Calling me to sit.
In awe.
In solitude.
In stillness.
In a state of wonder,
Of all that is here.

I am being asked to hoist my sail
into the masterpiece of God’s design,
In all its flaws.

I have fallen in love with the Divine.
I have been hugged tight
In the embrace of the Great Mother.
Maataa Dharat Mahat

The music of Truth
And contentment
Vibrate from within.

And the Wind of Grace cries back,
“I see your pain, dear child.
Yet, everything can heal and
This love
Shall never die.”