Sat Nam Fest Berkshires is right around the corner! Whether you are camping, staying on-site in a room or off-site at a hotel – make sure you know what to bring. Here are some packing tips & tricks for Sat Nam Fest!

Less is More

You will be able to purchase clothing, music, books, and accessories at the Bazaar. Packing items that you can wear more than once will save space in your bag. Bring some extra cash, although most vendors also accept cards. You will find Sat Nam Fest swag at the Spirit Voyage boutique.

Basic Needs

A few days before you pack, take note of what you use on a daily basis. Toothpaste, hair brush, and all the basics. Set these aside in a pile or bag as you use them. When you are ready to pack, you will have all your daily basics ready!

Yoga Classes and Concerts

Be prepared to sit, stand, shake, and sleep in the large community concert halls! Bring a yoga mat, and 1 or 2 blankets as needed, and a meditation pillow, if you have one. There are some creepy, crawly friends on the ground – so, having a larger picnic blanket can give you and them some space. Don’t forget about morning sadhana and the All Night Gong Bath by Crown of Eternity! You will want to be comfortable, but not over crowded.

Shed the layers

We will be building the heat with great yoga classes, and cooling off with heart-opening meditations and concerts. Layer with light jackets and scarfs so you can easily turn it up and dial it down without leaving your yoga mat.

Northeastern summer time It can get hot and humid during the day, and chilly at night. Bring bug spray and warm clothing. In the event of rain, you will want a waterproof jacket, shoes, and a playful attitude. Check for here for updated weather for Lenox, MA.


Bathrooms and showers will be available for campers. Bring your quick dry towels, shower shoes, and after-shower cover up! Put all the toiletries you need for showering and bathroom trips in one bag.


Even if you are driving in from a nearby hotel, there will be tons of walking on the property. Steps will add up from the yoga class to dinner hall to nature walks. Bring comfortable shoes and socks.

Ask for help

We are building a community at Sat Nam Fest, so don’t be afraid to ask for help putting up your tent, or to borrow some toothpaste. Be a helpful yogi!

Packing List:

  • Yoga Mat / Sheepskin / Pillow – the floor in one of the yoga spaces is wood, so bring whatever you need to make yourself comfortable during the music and yoga
  • “Yoga clothes” for stretching, meditating, dancing, and comfort.
  • Toiletries
  • Bug Repellent and After-Bite cream
  • Flashlight – good for walking to early morning sadhana, while it’s still dark outside
  • Snacks for in between meals
  • Water Bottle – Please bring a reusable water bottle. Filling stations will be located throughout the festival site.
  • Shawl or light blanket for morning sadhana and meditation
  • Rain jacket or umbrella
  • Walking shoes
  • Warm clothes at night for evening concerts
  • Head covering – turban, scarf, or beanie hat
  • Cash or credit cards for the Bazaar
  • Picnic blanket to sit on for the outside yoga & music hall
  • Journal and pen

What are your go-to items for Sat Nam Fest? Comment below to add to the packing list!