Sat Nam Fest is a Kundalini yoga and spiritual music festival. That is the most basic explanation of what we do, but for anyone who has attended the festival, you know that a basic explanation does not come close to explaining what Sat Nam Fest really is. It is a festival driven from the heart, about love, acceptance and spiritual upliftment. It is with this sentiment that Spirit Voyage (Sat Nam Fest’s parent company) created the Sat Nam Foundation. One of the ways that Sat Nam Fest expresses its commitment to bettering the world is through our donation of 10% of profits from every festival to the Sat Nam Foundation, which supports several on the ground organizations in India who are now working to bring earthquake relief to Nepal.

KIRTAN-AID-E-MAIL-As an individual I must say it is an amazing blessing to work for an organization that has such a high commitment to the upliftment of others. It is this commitment that has led Spirit Voyage to work closely with some of the most renowned sacred chant artists to create Kirtan Aid Nepal.

We at Sat Nam Fest feel so fortunate to be able to support the Sat Nam Foundation in its mission to serve the people of Nepal in this time of turmoil. Join us in serving the human beings affected by the devastating earthquakes that have taken place.

Donate to the Sat Nam Foundation’s Indiegogo campaign to provide people with blankets, shelter, food, and so much more. Raise your voice in prayer, chant along with the Kirtan Aid Nepal digital download to further support this mission.

Click Here to Support the People of Nepal Today!