Mahan Kirn’s name means “Great ray of light.” She lives up to her name. She is a great Master teacher, Healer and Pioneer who was born into the Kundalini community. She served as Yogi Bhajan’s personal healer for 10 years. Her workshop at Sat Nam Fest promise to deepen your experience of your own self and to allow you to develop a stable state of intuitive awareness so you can truly BE YOU.


Mahan Kirn is passionate about healing and believes that YOU can truly heal on all levels. She personally has healed herself from paralysis, chronic lymes disease and a few almost fatal accidents. When you are in your own drama she challenges us of our tolerance and compassion for others. “How much can you extend yourself to help another person when you think you cannot?”


What will participants, whether brand new or avid practitioners expect in your workshops at SNF?

Mahan Kirn:  You will experience the depth of Shuniya, a place where you are meditating without meditating, and how you can develop to hold this intuitive space to heal others. We will work with partners to heal physical, mental and emotional trauma that is held in your cells and within your chakra system.  New students and avid ones can learn to become healers in this ancient form of healing as Yogi Bhajan taught the current Master Guru Dev Singh.


How do you stay committed to your practice?

Mahan Kirn: I am not a morning person, I never was and I never will be. I used to feel guilty about this.. One day in Yogi Bhajan’s class when I was freshly on staff and still shy, I stood up in the back of the class and asked him how I could wake up early and function like him on a few hours of sleep.  He said, “Report to duty tomorrow morning at 3 am.”  There was never a 3 am shift before this.. The next morning I arrived at 3 am in the Log House in Espanola, which started the most amazing experience of healing the master for 4 hours every morning until 7 am.  He said “You do it because you have to.”

I never did the Aquarian Sadhana, as it does not resonate with me…One day, in a room full of political people in the dome, he pointed to me and said “She has the perfect Sadhana”  I had been doing Mah Bound Lotus® daily, but never at 3 am… It resolved the issue of inadequacy that I had as I thought to be a ‘Good Yogi’ I had to do what most others were doing.  What I learned and what I share with students as I learned from the Master is that you MUST become intuitive within your own self first, and not look for external intuition.  Develop your own sensitivity so that you can create and maintain and commit to a practice that works for you.  But you must experience it working.  I meet thousands of students around the world that are practicing so much and something within them is still suffering.


What tips do you have for someone who is new to Kundalini Yoga or who may be feeling apprehensive about the spiritual path.

Mahan Kirn: Try a 3-minute meditation every day! I created 3-Minute Start® specifically for those new to Kundalini Yoga– I gathered all the Kundalini Kriyas that are complete in 3 minutes for beginners and for avid yogis who still get stressed. “Spirituality is not about being a better person or being religious, it is about accepting who you already are.”


Allison is a Yogini, Reiki Master, and Lover of Life.