This year at Sat Nam Fest, GuruGanesha Singh will facilitate a brand new session called Story Time and Live Music at 10:30 AM on Friday, April 11 in Riley Hall.

In this blog post, he talks a little bit about his day job, gigs with Snatam, and why we gather with our spiritual family throughout the year to practice yoga, meditate, sing, and dance joyfully.

Working, Consciously:

GuruGanesha says, For the past 31 years I’ve been teaching sales people.  I have been teaching them how to be more successful by taking the high road.  Now I’m scripting out a video course that is called Selling the Conscious Way.  It’s about doing what’s right.  It’s like being that caring doctor.  The caring doctor is not going to push for surgery.  The caring doctor is going to totally understand what the condition is and he may have a conviction that he has the solution, but he presents the solution with all the risks. It’s all about listening, understanding, and only proposing a solution when you really believe it’s in the best interest of the other party.  I’ve been showing up and training in this mainstream arena, and it’s been magical. It’s what financed Spirit Voyage and what got Snatam and I out on the road.  It’s also been kind of fun. But I had been resisting that day job because I had just wanted to play music.  But my spiritual guide said, “No. No. No. I want your picture hanging in the lobby of every corporation.”  Well, that certainly hasn’t happened, but basically what he was saying is that there are different ways to serve, and we are called to get out there and be in the world and serve. When I’m doing a chant concert at Sat Nam Fest, it’s like I am singing to the choir.  But I get out there teaching sales people who come and go from anywhere and everywhere.

I remember once I got Snatam and I a gig at the harmony festival in Northern California. I don’t know if that’s still going on, but it’s quite a scene.  They were trying it out to include a little bit of sacred music into that scene.  I recall we were in the Green Room after the show, and some people were smoking crack.  Snatam was a little freaked out, feeling totally out of place; and then we talked to Gurmukh because she was there too, and she said, “No. This is where you need to be. These are the people who need you the most.”  So we get out there in the mainstream and in every social scene.

But that’s why the tribe has to get together regularly to recharge ourselves so that we can go out and be in the world and fulfill our duties. That is the purpose of Sat Nam Fest West or Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, and Sat Nam Fest East so that we can recharge ourselves with our spiritual family.  Recharged, we can go back out and serve in a ways that we do not get overwhelmed by all the negative energy, all the crazy minds running amuck.

It’s great, about every three months we have an event in which we can strengthen ourselves with not just spiritual energy but spiritual bliss. It strengthens your connection with your Soul. In my sales training job, I am out there in the mainstream world sometimes speaking to a thousand people in a keynote… right before they go out and consume large quantities of alcohol.  But we have to be with these fellow humans.  They need us.  At some point, people may be grateful for it.  In fact, I just got a message this morning from someone who took my sales training years ago, and he said it had changed his life, not just his business career but his life.  Because, yeah, I go in through the front door with the message that your sales are going to increase with this training.  But then I teach them that the way to increase the sales is to be YOU, the big YOU.  And the big you cares about what’s good for the planet, not just what’s good for this individual mind and body.

Music Feeds Your Soul:

Sat Nam Fest Blog:  And the GuruGanesha Band recharges you, too?

GuruGanesha Singh says, Yes, this is what we’re doing with the GuruGanesha Band.  Two of us are well into our sixties, me close to seventy.  We hope to say, hey, your Golden Years can be your best years.  I personally feel that I am blossoming as a sacred chant artist as a guitarist.  I don’t quite have the same level of prana I did at 55.  But if the experience is joyful, it taps into a tremendous amount of energy.  That’s the key.  By the way, the really nice thing about the GuruGanesha Band is that we’re a band.  It’s a total collaboration, a true democracy.  I was inspired by Jerry Garcia.  Though people said he was the leader, he never claimed to be the leader of the Grateful Dead.  And the reason their music has touched so many is because of the collaborative spirit.

Join GuruGanesha at Sat Nam Fest:

Talking to GuruGanesha Singh was an uplifting experience that left me whistling all day long. Join him for Thursday night concert, Friday for story time and live music, and Saturday to Vibrate the Cosmos with Tommy Rosen.  When we come together to dance together with a beautiful Soul such as GuruGanesha, we walk in the light of the beauty of eternal enthusiasm, Chardi Kala.  Doesn’t it feel like this enthusiasm has the power to usher humanity into the age of Cosmic Consciousness?

GuruGanesha is such a delightful being! He is as reverent as he is cool and hip. And when a yogi can pull off projecting a combination of both reverence and hipster, it’s a miracle. The GuruGanesha Band knows how to get everyone at Sat Nam Fest to co-create mega merriment. Infinite gratitude to GuruGanesha for blessing Sat Nam Fest with an interview for the blog. May we join him in the spiritual party that will uplift us to reinforce that connection to our Souls so that we may stay connected even when we are in situations and circumstances that are not always pleasant.

Sat Nam!

Surjot Kaur is a KRI certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan. She writes about yoga, meditation, and consciousness. She seeks to be a humble observer of the Play of Divine Consciousness. She prays all beings may awaken to total freedom. She lives with a loving husband, two daughters, and a dog in San Diego.