Sat Nam Fest Puerto Morelos is a celebration of life – an opportunity to experience a week of deep connection within body, mind and soul through Kundalini Yoga and live music on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Sat Nam Fest is an holistic experience where nurturing our body is an essential part of the spiritual journey. The way we eat is the first step in the great path of consciousness. Our choices can be the beginning to a happy, healthy and harmonious life and relationship with Mother Earth.

Choosing each ingredient of our meals, preparing them and eating with gratitude and joy is one of the greatest acts of self love we can do for ourselves and our loved ones. The great healing power of food begins with our choices. It is a very basic and powerful way to connect with our temple, to listen to what the vehicle of our soul needs. At the same time, it encourages us to live with great respect and devotion to all that the Earth gives us.

During the festival, we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a deep transformation with yoga, music and community meditations. Accompanying this process through nurturing food makes the experience even richer. 

Plates with greens

Sharing in the precious moments of sitting at a meal – surrounded by nature with loved ones, friends and family who share our vision of life – is an indescribable joy. When our body receives food with a smile, our whole body smiles and heals.

By choosing to participate in Sat Nam Fest´s meal plan, you are taking the opportunity to transform your health. The festival offers buffet style breakfast, lunch and dinner based on a yogic lifestyle with a nourishing vegan and vegetarian diet. You will find a variety of delicious local foods, prepared consciously by our fabulous culinary team. Our inspiration (as Hippocrates said) is: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Join the Sat Nam Fest meal plan and experience beautiful food, while enjoying the shade of the palm trees and the sound of the ocean. You will return home revitalized, rejuvenated and happy.

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Estudiante, practicante e instructora de Kundalini Yoga certificada por KRI e IKYTA México. Especializada en Yoga para Niños, Enseñanzas para la Mujer y Embarazo Consciente. Se ha dedicado a compartir las enseñanzas de Yogi Bhajan por más de diez años. Se ha formado como doula, es madre y goza profundamente de acompañar a otras mujeres en la maternidad y la crianza.