{Editor’s Note: Below is an account from Haridev, a long time Sat Nam Fest and International Women’s Camp participant on her experience of women’s workshops with Sukhdev Jackson of Aykanna.}

I had just returned to my home in Washington, D.C. after an amazing two and a half weeks in New Mexico last summer. My final week out west was spent at the 41st annual 3HO International Women’s Camp, a first for me. On the sacred land of Guru Ram Das Puri, I savored every morsel of the experience — from sadhana and gurdwara to yoga and meditation, as well as amazing sisterhood with more than 70 other women of all ages from four continents. It was a true pleasure to connect with Yogi Bhajan’s many teachings for women in a new environment.

One of the major highlights was the two lead teachers at camp — Sat Siri Kaur (who teaches at Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree) and Sukhdev Kaur (who is half of the duo AYKANNA and will be teaching and performing at Sat Nam Fest Berkshires this August).

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Beginning with her opening workshop at Women’s Camp, Sukhdev shared her deep knowledge of the women’s teachings, as well as her real-life insights. She has incredible teaching gifts that are not always directly evident in a concert environment — but really shine in a workshop. That’s why I’m so pleased she will be leading a workshop focused on the women’s teachings at Sat Nam Fest in the Berkshires.

I deeply appreciate Sukhdev’s realness. No masks. No pretense. She is open to expressing herself and sharing her story in a way that resonates and makes everyone feel comfortable with being themselves. She speaks openly about her childhood trauma, and shared how extended practices of both Kirtan Kriya and So Darshan Chakra Kriya helped her move past her pain.

She showed her strength as a teacher when she led us through a powerful rebirthing set on our first day. The high point in the set was when we had our arms moving back and forth and in and out of archer pose for 12 minutes — intense! But Sukhdev held the space in a powerful yet reassuring way. I’m grateful to her skills and grace that brought together our group at women’s camp so meaningfully.

She also shared some of her expertise on the 11 moon centers, which correspond to sensitive areas of a woman’s body that respond to lunar energies. Throughout the 28-day moon cycle, women move through 2.5-day cycles that correspond to each of these 11 moon centers. Understanding and connecting with these areas and their corresponding lunar energies has helped Sukhdev and many other women refine their natural radiance. In her Awakening Shakti online training, starting this fall, she will share more of her insights on this topic.

And of course, Sukhdev shared her beautiful music. She led us in chanting Guru Ram Das. She also led sadhana chants one morning, which was a joy to experience.

Sat Nam Fest Berkshires is in for a treat with both a concert by AYKANNA and a workshop focused on women’s teachings. And please remember, this workshop is not only for those of us who identify as women. I know the workshop will provide great insights for men as well, especially as they relate to the women in their lives. Come and savor Sukhdev’s grace and radiance through Yogi Bhajan’s women’s teachings!


Haridev Kaur  has attended eight Sat Nam Fests and now serves as the work exchange coordinator, where she answers questions, receives applications and helps place volunteers into jobs.