This is part two of my interview with the wonderfully open-hearted and eloquent Karena Virginia — Kundalini Yoga teacher, motivational speaker, and author. Initially, I was charged with asking her about her work with angels, her Sat Nam Fest workshop, and her new book Essential Kundalini Yoga. (You can read all about that in part one.) But, she had so much more to say, especially to anyone who ever thinks “I am not enough,” to anyone who works to balance a mainstream marriage with a spiritual practice, to anyone who feels frustrated as if the law of attraction just isn’t working for them. Read on!

Sat Nam Fest: On social media, you are very open about your inner life. How did you make the choice to be so transparent?

Karena: My biggest obstacle in my life, what I struggle with most, is the question “Am I enough?” I think that we get stuck thinking we’re the only ones. I used to be an actress, so I have quite a few celebrity friends, and this is a conversation we have over and over again. And I say to them, “People have no idea that we feel this way.” I hope that by me being open about it, it may help other people feel that they’re not so alone in it.

Sat Nam Fest: Something else you’ve posted about, which I think is very relevant to many of us on the Kundalini Yoga path, is how you balance a mainstream marriage with a spiritual practice. What are the keys to success in maintaining that balance?

Karena: Honestly, I’m going to tell you the truth, [when my husband first saw me practicing], he thought it was so weird, and he definitely had some resistance to it. When we were first married, I would wait for him to go to work to do my sadhana and my mantras. When my kids were babies, all I wanted to do was take them to Solstice. He kept saying, “This is too weird — you taking two kids to the middle of nowhere.” Finally, they were old enough, and I prepared to take them. I had everything packed. Then, he looked it up. This is when the Internet was like, brand new, and he saw photos of all these people in turbans and he said, “Wait a minute. Is this where you’re going?”

But, I brought my kids every year, and he could see that the kids loved it. His wife loved it. And, there was no way he was going to be able to pull us out of it. So, he didn’t really have a choice. I always just made sure to love him so much. When I was away at Solstice, I always sent him so much love. What I found was the more that he didn’t feel threatened by it, and the more that he saw it was helping our marriage and helping him, the better it was.


My advice to people who live in mainstream marriages, or if you have parents or sisters and brothers who don’t understand, is don’t ever hide it because that really hurts us. Live it, be it, breathe it. But instead of proselytizing, let your radiance work. I have to tell you that when our daughter decided to do her teacher training, he was so supportive, totally supportive. He sat there at her graduation, with everyone around him wearing turbans, beaming with pride.

Sat Nam Fest: What was your daughter’s experience in teacher training? What is it like to share this technology with her?

Karena: During the training, it was hard. She was a sophomore in high school, and she had so much school work. She had to write a whole thesis and memorize so much and teach, so it was a lot. But she kept up. It was hard, hard work, but she did it. It was a miracle really. I would do the 40-day practices that she was assigned with her, and that was really special bonding time. I think the biggest gift is that she knows that, whenever she needs to, she can tap into God and the angels.

Sat Nam Fest: You’re offering a three-part webinar right now called Accessing the Activation Field. What does that mean?

Karena: It’s all about recognizing the eighth chakra and using that as your tool for attracting your heart’s desires, as your tool for manifesting success, health, and radiance. Between our hearts and our radiance, the sky’s the limit, but people don’t know how to access that. So, people hear about the law of attraction, and they hear about thinking your mind into whatever you want, but that’s impossible. It’s hard enough to think our mind into quiet when we’re meditating. Because of subconscious fears, because of wounds from childhood, because of even generational wounds from our ancestors, we aren’t able to think our way. But energetically, if we clear the things that are holding us back, then our radiance becomes that incredible field that manifests miracles.


Cate discovered Kundalini Yoga by accident nearly 20 years ago and was surprised and thrilled by how engaged, energized, and inspired it made her feel. She’s been practicing ever since. In 2008, Cate completed her Level 1 (200 hr) teacher training with Hari Kaur Khalsa of Hari NYC. In 2012, she broadened her knowledge with a very special Holistic Hatha Yoga training (300 hr) with Amy Witmyer of Sacred Space. More recently, Cate completed her training in Shakti Dance™ with Dharma Devi Kaur, a beautiful dance practice that grew out of the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. She lives in Montclair, New Jersey with her husband and two teenage children, and she co-owns Montclair Kundalini Yoga, a business dedicated to sharing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Shakti Dance™ with all who want to experience it.