Perhaps it appeals to our sense of romance or adventure to sleep safely and soundly among giant boulder formations, angling Joshua trees, desert wind, and billions of stars. But camping at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center for the Sat Nam Fest offers you an experience even more authentic than romance and adventure.

Camping at Sat Nam Fest offers you a chance to connect with the Primal Mother to increase your well-being.

Legends say that the name Joshua Tree was given to these oddly-shaped trees when Mormons were passing through this region. They saw the trees and were reminded of a biblical story in which Joshua raises his hands up heavenward to pray.  Stand by a Joshua Tree in yoga Tree Pose, and you discover a prayerful, yogic companion.

Joshua Tree National Park Sunset in the DesertTribes indigenous to this region — before European settlers moved in — lived off the Joshua trees’ resources. Tribal people weaved the tough leaves into baskets and sandals. They roasted the flower buds and seeds and ate them as part of a healthy diet. Though Joshua Tree may appear to be a barren desert, tribes lived off yucca root and mesquite beans, and enjoyed this as a land of plenty.  Sit with the appearance of emptiness, and realize abundance.

The legends and history of this place resonate and give the place a sacred vibrancy along with the quiet, stretching sense of expansiveness and infinity. These qualities make this place perfect for retreat into expanding your consciousness, a perfect place for you to dive deep into your Sat Nam Fest experience.

Yogi Bhajan once said, “Are we going to inherit this Earth with our Ph.D.’s and M.D.’s? Ecologically, we are not conscious of God. Ecology exists, and we don’t recognize it. We think we have no relationship with ecology.”

One of the best ways to foster a stronger, healthier relationship with ecology is to spend a few days sleeping close to the Earth. It helps to merge your aura and energetic field with the energetic field of the Earth. It helps to participate in the yoga classes, workshops, concerts, and conscious community as you become aware of how your expanded consciousness can serve to nourish the Earth.

You must have heard of the Earthing Movement. People are growing more aware that connecting the body — bare feet — directly to the Earth is crucial for vibrant health and total inner well-being. Just as the sun offers us Vitamin D; the Earth offers crucial nourishment for our energetic body. Camping at Sat Nam Fest will be a healthy choice for increasing your inner well-being and will put you in close contact with the Earth.

Choose to camp at Sat Nam Fest to stimulate your ecological consciousness.

These are three attractive options for your stay at Sat Nam Fest that offer you an experience of intimacy and sweet connection with the Earth.


Glamping $700 – $1200
These beautiful and comfortable canvas tents are for one to two people. Sleep in a cozy bed with warm blankets, a rug under your feet, a lantern, a small table, a small dresser with drawers for your clothes, and chairs to relax and visit. Being closer to the Earth does not mean we have to compromise comfort. Glamping is a great option for those who like to rough it with ease. Learn more about glamping here.


Tenting $50
Bring your own camping gear or RV (no hook ups). Set up your camp your way in a spacious campground where it is just you and Mother Nature. Peace. Quiet. Simple. No hassle. Sorry, no open fires and no pets allowed.


Rent-a-Tent $250
With this option, a tent will be set up for you when you arrive. That tent will include a small cot, sleeping bag, and lantern. Enjoy the showers, bathrooms, and jacuzzi.

Set an intention to allow your Sat Nam Fest experience to include opening up to the messages Mother Earth would like for you to receive. One great way to do this is to glamp / camp.

Sat Nam!