If you haven’t heard Hansu Jot’s music, you are in for a treat.  Here is a video of the track ‘Narayan’ from his latest album ‘To The Stars and Back’

We were blessed to have Hansu Jot join us from Germany for the first time at Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree in April 2018.  It was truly a gift.  Our team had heard his recorded music before, but we hadn’t had the treat of hearing him sing in person.

He came early and played live sadhanas for our set up crew, which is a rare treat.  Our team usually uses a CD to do sadhana with those first few days of set up, and having him there really set the tone for the rest of the festival.  Here a little iPhone clip one of our team members recorded of him playing for us (not great sound, but you get the idea):

Then, we had Hansu Jot play live sadhana for the entire festival, joined by Jai Chand Kaur, and that was truly magnificent.

Come see Hansu Jot at our next Sat Nam Fest!  You will be in the bliss!