Sat Nam Fest: After every Sat Nam Fest, people ask us “Where did that voice come from?” You have a very unique style of singing – can you tell us about your training and inspiration for your musical style?

Hansu Jot: I’ve been classically trained by different vocal coaches when I was a kid and as a teenager. And later I started to incorporate my naad yoga training into how I express. That helped me a lot because I remember that in the past singing emotionally didn’t really make sense to me. Through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and then Naad Yoga I realized that the emotions just needed a different addressee- the Divine- and now I can channel these feelings and emotions just very naturally. Now especially in the meditative space of a chanting event or a class I just express what vibrates in the space, that makes it easy for me to do it authentically and honestly. Easier than in my everyday life because in those meditative spaces everybody agrees upon keeping the sacredness of the space. I then just sing out loud what we normally don t dare to say out loud.

Sat Nam Fest: We noticed that you have incorporated Celestial Communications into your classes / concerts. Can you tell us what about that practice speaks to you most deeply?

Hansu Jot: I’m certain that in the coming future our ways to communicate will shift more and more into a very intuitive way of expressing ourselves. The frequency in which we vibrate is more important than just uttering the word. The movement of celestial communications are an extension of these vibrations and a way to communicate in a very playful manner. I see celestial communication evolving into a very non- choreographed way- we move how we feel but we do so by keeping the connection to the divine-so even when we e g express aggression or sadness it becomes an act of devotion, a communication in grace, a prayer of the physical body. And that is deeply healing.

Sat Nam Fest: Can you give us a sneak peek at what you will be sharing at Sat Nam Fest?

Hansu Jot: I am releasing my upcoming album: I AM I AM : The Movement on June 7th and of course chant songs and mantra from that album. There will be meditations incorporated in the concert and I m gonna be playing during two yoga classes where we together tune into the space, release, experience ourselves, express the sacred sound, transform and tap into our authentic way of expression and living life.