We had a chance to catch up with Gurmukh during her busy pre-summer teaching and traveling schedule to ask her some questions about her practice, her current seva project and our upcoming Sat Nam Fest.

SAT NAM FEST:  You seem to keep getting younger. How do you keep your energy so high and stay so vibrant with all of the traveling and teaching that you do? Can you share a daily practice that other people might use to keep up with you?

GURMUKH: Within the tradition of these Sacred Teachings, taking a cold shower and doing Sadhana before the Sun comes up in the morning, walking briskly every day, practicing Kundalini Yoga, helping other people, eating a vegan diet, and thanking God for everything.

SAT NAM FEST: We know you recently traveled to Manjushree Orphanage. Can you tell us a story from your trip?

GURMUKH: How many times on that 2.5-day journey from Delhi,  we four who went together would be walking along and feel these little children’s hands inside our hands.  We hardly could go anywhere without their hands’ going inside our hands as we were walking along.  Perhaps there would be one child on each side, and each of those children would also be holding on to someone else’s hand.  I’ll always remember the way in which they silently make the connection of Love.  That feeling is enough to draw me back to Manjushree again and again and again.  Whatever they may have or not have, their physical disabilities, or the loss of parents… they have a Love that I had never felt.

[Manjushree Orphanage is in the high and remote mountains of the Himlayas on the border of India and China.  Gurmukh told us the story at last year’s Sat Nam Fest of meeting the Buddhist monk who founded this orphanage by chance at an airport 5 years ago.  She felt this was a moment of destiny and has committed to supporting this orphanage’s work going forward.  She teamed up with Sat Nam Foundation and an incredible team of supporters who have raised funds to build a new dining hall at Manjushree – find out more about this project here: https://www.satnamfoundation.org/manjushree]

Gurmukh with the children of Manjushree


SAT NAM FEST: Can you give us a sneak peek at what you will be sharing at Sat Nam Fest?

GURMUKH:  Fun, joy, and walking bravely through whatever we need to get through to return to our original self, which is Joy.  Guaranteed to be filled with Fun and Laughter!