If you’re a parent living the yogic lifestyle, it is so important to find ways to include our children in our long wish list of events, classes, workshops and festivals. As we grow our little ones into citizens of this world, providing them with a solid yoga experience is such a beautiful blessing.

Without solid care or special areas for kids, it isn’t easy — and sometimes, near impossible — to include them in all of our yoga experiences. The good news is that at Sat Nam Fest children receive the benefits of yoga!  Children under 13 are free, if they attend Sat Nam Fest and stay with parents – but, there is also a special program designed just for kids.

DSC_6576For parents planning to attend Sat Nam Fest, bringing the littles along is not only easy to do but it’s almost necessary, especially if you want to share the high vibe yoga experience with the little ones!

Sat Nam Fest Children’s Camp is a program in and of itself. Jam packed with fun activities, outdoor time, games, yoga, chanting, dancing, art and more. This year the kids program is woven around the theme of UNITY – with the intention of building a generation of listeners and leaders.

Each day incorporates circling, icebreakers, and trust building initiatives. Non-competitive games bring everyone together, and activity stations will enable each child to have her or his own down time to integrate their own experience. Kids will be encouraged to connect with nature with the help of nature-based activities that encourage kids to accomplish goals as a group.

No matter how long or how many days your child participates, they will feel connected to each other and part of the collective group. Volunteers will have a solid presence each day to instill feelings of consistency and trust.

DSC_3517 copyAnd nothing can beat the end of festival Children’s Camp performance. All festival attendees will be invited to witness a performance put on by the children of Sat Nam Fest with the support of festival musicians and artists.

The Sat Nam Children’s program is for children ages 4 – 12 years old. For more information, check out the Children’s Sat Nam Fest page or jump right in and register your kids today!