Art has saved my life. I know this statement can sound dramatic to some, but it is the truth. It has saved my life more times than I can count, and in more ways than I can easily explain. Through my life I followed a path of creativity, both as a visual artist and as a musician, which eventually led me to Kundalini Yoga. This blessing continues to transform my world everyday.

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness, I see art as a vehicle for expressing our experience of this awareness. Creative consciousness is the essence of art and or yoga. It helps us discover our soul’s purpose in this life. Each of these spiritual practices have the power to change our world and give meaning and depth to our lives… combined that power is amplified.

Mantras to Spark Creativity 
  • In Kundalini Yoga we tap into our creativity when we tune in by invoking the divine teacher within, using the Adi Mantra – “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo”.  (Feat. Ong Namo by Harnam on The Grace Within You) You can tune into your consciousness and allow the creativity to flow from there.
  • Another mantra for inspiring creativity is “Har Haray Haree Wahe Guru”. I find it is nice to chant this before or during any expressive activity like painting or making a mandala. “Har” is a bij mantra that represents the creative aspect of infinity and represents the seed . When you plant the seed and nurture it, it grows, and that is represented by “Haray”. Once the creative idea blossoms and bears fruit that is represented by “Haree”. “Wahe Guru” completes the cycle and express the ecstasy of divine knowing that comes from actively engaging in the creative flow of the universe. There is a specific meditation  for Creativity that uses this mantra and you can find the instructions in my Awakening Your Creative Fire Meditation CD.
Creativity is a Survival Skill

I think it is important for our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health to engage and express ourselves in a creative way – regularly. The process of creating connects us to the divine energy within each of us. Many people pass on this experience from a place of fear of not being good enough or that they will not be happy with the end result. Do not let that stop you! The point of being creative is not to be “perfect”, to strive for that is missing the point.

Consciously engaging with the creative process allows us to be us to be fully present in the moment and this is the purpose of all yoga and meditation. It takes courage to be creative and to allow yourself to let go into the mystery where making art is about the journey not the destination. So go forth and start your creative journey, or join me Sat Nam Fest and practice your art with support!

“Creativity is no longer optional – in the Aquarian Age it is a survival skill” – Harnam