Sat Nam Fest Puerto Morelos is an event created for all our community and families – a festival to reunite babies, children, teenagers, adults, mothers, fathers, grandparents. All are welcome here! 

children_camp_SNFChildren’s Camp has become a fundamental part of the festival. It is a lovingly created space  for children to enjoy, play, explore, create, and practice yoga, surrounded by the wonderful nature of the Caribbean, sand, water, palm trees and the ocean! The camp at Puerto Morelos has the intention to enjoy activities outdoors integrating art, music and yoga. We will create handcrafts with songs and prayers, using natural materials from the area. We will enjoy non-competitive games and activities that encourage a deeper connection with Mother Earth. 

Yoga for children is a source of inspiration, relaxation, exploration and discovery. Through simple techniques, children develop confidence in their bodies, improve their ability to focus and learn to become aware of their emotions and thoughts – creating positive ways to channel, transform and grow to their highest potential. Inspired by nature, we will practice yoga and learn songs that nourish and amuse the little ones. One of our favorite activities is to share different instruments with children and create our own symphonies while we sing mantras and beautiful songs. They can even practice their Spanish!

children_camp2This camp is created recognizing the beauty and radiance of all children. Through art, music  and yoga, children are empowered to be the bright stars they already are. This is our inspiration and we feel blessed to have the opportunity to witness and share their innate wisdom during the week.

If your children have never practiced yoga, Sat Nam Fest is an excellent opportunity to do so. Our camp guide, Brenda Barba, is an trained in Yoga for Children, is a Waldorf educator, sings and plays guitar, incorporating music as a fundamental part of the activities.

Sat Nam Fest is a great opportunity to enjoy a beautiful and transformative experience for the whole family. While children play, explore, create and have fun, parents can relax and take their time and space to experience classes and workshops fully. At the end of the event, families return home happy and with hearts full.

If your children are between 4 and 12 years old, we have an space for them at Children’s Camp! Learn more here.

Estudiante, practicante e instructora de Kundalini Yoga certificada por KRI e IKYTA México. Especializada en Yoga para Niños, Enseñanzas para la Mujer y Embarazo Consciente. Se ha dedicado a compartir las enseñanzas de Yogi Bhajan por más de diez años. Se ha formado como doula, es madre y goza profundamente de acompañar a otras mujeres en la maternidad y la crianza.