Sat Nam Fest brings together the best Kundalini Yoga teachers and artists from diverse origins, paths, and musical styles. The classes and concerts are very special occasions where we have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of experiences that come from their devotion and personal growth manifesting in unique ways.

When we reunite as a community to practice, chant, meditate, and dance, the benefits multiply and expand. Artists and teachers create a beautiful sacred space to merge in a deep experience of the spirit.

This week we had the opportunity to interview Bachan Kaur, one of our beautiful musicians performing at Sat Nam Fest Mexico this November. She has been an artist since she was born. Her love for life is an inspiration, her pure vision connects with the language of nature, and her devotion to music can be felt in every melody she shares.

Take a moment to enjoy an in-depth view of her own life and spiritual path. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Sat Nam Fest: How did you begin your musical path?

Bachan Kaur: I always liked singing and dancing when I was a child. I felt in my own world. As a teenager, I spent a lot of time in nature. I began to experience a spiritual awakening and had a lot of creative and devotional energy flowing through me. I was looking for a way to express it and discovered a guitar from my dad in the attic. I started writing songs, I liked to record them so I could grow in my musical and spiritual expressions. Two years later I encountered Kundalini Yoga, where I found a language to express my devotional experiences through singing. What a great gift!

Sat Nam Fest: How do you feel about participating in Sat Nam Fest Mexico?

Bachan Kaur: This is my third opportunity to attend Sat Nam Fest México and my second time sharing music. I am very excited and grateful because Mexico, their land, and their people have a very special place in my heart. I lived in Mexico for several years, in Tepoztlán, where we had the first Sat Nam Fest. There was a nice synergy to have the festival in Tepoztlán while I lived there sharing sacred music, Kundalini Yoga and learning about the beautiful community. It gives me great pleasure to be part of the festival in its new place.

Sat Nam Fest: What can we expect at your concert?

Bachan Kaur: I always like to pray and respond to the vibration of the community and the moment. Surely there will be a mix of songs in Spanish, Gurmukhi and maybe other languages that connect us with Mother Earth, the elements, the sky and our spirits through love. Love is always the most powerful force in my music. Music serves as a vehicle to manifest my devotion.

I am very excited that this year, I am blessed to give this concert together with my spiritual sister Nam Hari Kaur. Harpist and singer, who hosted me in her eco-village in Veracruz this July. We created a couple of songs dedicated to healing through the five elements: Earth, water, fire, air and spirit. I see this concert as an opportunity to facilitate healing and joy. It is an energetic offering for the evolution and healing of the world taking advantage of the beautiful awareness of the five elements. We will surely have fun and dance!

Sat Nam Fest: What does it mean for you to have a practice of Kundalini Yoga?

Bachan Kaur: Having a Kundalini Yoga practice is a gift – it is an act of love with myself. I remember the ironic but certain words of Yogi Bhajan when he said that our sadhana, our spiritual discipline, is a selfish act, because it directs love towards oneself. The wisdom in his words clarifies that in order to love others, the first step is to love oneself. For me, the practice of daily Kundalini Yoga is fundamental to love the world.

Sat Nam Fest: Why is it important to participate in festivals like Sat Nam Fest?

Bachan Kaur: For me, it is important to participate in these kind of events because as humanity we are at Kali Yug, a moment of darkness. Today, many people suffer from depression, confusion and separation. One of the fundamental teachings of many spiritual traditions is that by gathering together we remember our essence and grow in our divine consciousness. Sat Nam Fest is a sublime opportunity to raise the vibration of the planet!

Sat Nam Fest: What is the role of music in the awakening of consciousness?

Bachan Kaur: For me, music gives meaning to life. It gives me joy, strength, faith, the opportunity to heal and to recognize my essence. Listening and watching the little birds every day, I receive teachings. They are my super masters: To fly, we have to sing every day. The spirit communicates through music. As spiritual beings having an earthly experience, music serves as a sacred chain to the essence of love. It helps us raise our vibration, refine with life and see, feel and serve the unity, beauty and perfection of creation.

Sat Nam Fest: How does being part of the Kundalini Yoga community transformed your life?

Bachan Kaur: I found a great family of beings of light in the community of Kundalini Yoga. Rainbow beings of love and respect, sensitive to changes in evolution, people that are willing to serve, and they always like to sing and dance! I have found most of my best friends through Kundalini Yoga. Communities of Kundalini Yoga have hosted me in several countries in the world. In these reunions there is an immediate connection and a mutual desire to serve the world through singing and yoga.

Sat Nam Fest: We know you have a very special relationship with Mexico, tell us what you love about our country.

Bachan Kaur: I live Mexico as a big heart, full of flowers and colors, vibrating love and beauty to the whole world and the cosmos. Mexico maintains an undeniable connection with the ancestors, the four elements and the divine mother, something that I feel it is forgotten in many structured religions. The community of Mexico teaches me about generosity and love.

Sat Nam Fest: What is the message you would like to share with the Sat Nam Fest community?

Bachan Kaur: I would like to share the recognition of the difficult times we are living. I want to invite everyone to have patience with ourselves and with others. We were born innocent and loved. Happiness is our birthright. Now is the time to wake up, heal, love and enjoy life. This road is much richer together! Everything we think and do, constitutes a great prayer for life. Make the best of this time together to share and receive in harmony the love of the Universe.

Join Bachan Kaur and a robust community of wonderful artists, teachers, practitioners at Sat Nam Fest Mexico on the gorgeous beaches of Puerto Morelos. We look forward to seeing you there!


Estudiante, practicante e instructora de Kundalini Yoga certificada por KRI e IKYTA México. Especializada en Yoga para Niños, Enseñanzas para la Mujer y Embarazo Consciente. Se ha dedicado a compartir las enseñanzas de Yogi Bhajan por más de diez años. Se ha formado como doula, es madre y goza profundamente de acompañar a otras mujeres en la maternidad y la crianza.