I feel like we prayed for lifetimes to land in a community such as this.

As a family seeking a life beyond what we grew up with, we visioned something which would nourish us all on multiple levels.

Before we had our child Sahej Rose, we knew that we wanted to raise her with a meditative, compassionate, kind hearted values and qualities within a community that valued that.

What we found in the Kundalini community and especially at Sat Nam Fest was more than we had envisioned.

The children’s camp at Sat Nam Fest felt like a kind and safe environment from the first time we went there with our young daughter. The activities were nurturing, and also a whole lot of fun for the children of all different ages and ethnicity that convened there.

The volunteers there were so kind and creative. We found that the types of activities our child would engage in with the leaders of the camp were wholesome, creative, play based and fun.

The children are also introduced to Yoga and Mantra and the spiritual practices of the kundalini path in a very digestible and fun way. And it rubs off in the best way! It’s wonderful to witness our 6 year old daughter prance around the house singing mantras. Sometimes even chanting herself to sleep. Even though we listen to everything at home from jazz to hip-hop to Soul to classical to mantra, she mostly chants the mantras. I believe it is part of her growing up in this community.

Whenever we went to offer teachings and music at this beautiful festival we would happily drop off our daughter to the camp. The smiling and welcoming faces as well as the happy children leave us feeling settled as we hand her over!

It feels like family and if this is your first time it will quickly become like you’re family too.

Sahej Rose been going there since she was in my belly and it’s still her favorite event of the year. She talks about it often and she’s excited to gather with her friends again, to get up on stage, put on a little show and be part of the sense of community, love and stability that is offered there.  Watching all the children grow up together is so special for us all. That is one of the elements that creates this feeling of family, even if we don’t see each other for sometimes six months in between.

As parents it’s most wonderful to feel like you are a family traveling to an event where all will be nurtured, nourished, and looked out for. While you can go off to devotional concerts and yoga workshops and fill your cup, your child is being well nurtured, learning, playing, and enjoying themselves.

Sat Nam Fest is an environment that cultivates peace, healing and celebration. The children feel that in there Being and it gets recorded into their cellular structure. They know a community and a world like this is possible.

We are raising a new generation of peaceful Beings and Sat Nam fest is a part of that solution.

Sat Nam and love, Sukhdev Jackson.