Sat Nam Fest caught up with Karena Virginia to talk about tools to use when you are challenged, what it is like to teach celebrities and a sneak peek into her offering at Sat Nam Fest!

What is a daily practice that you have used in the last few years to help you through particularly challenging times?

Karena Virginia: I really cannot imagine my life without my early morning meditation practice. The past few years have challenged me into diving deeply into healing parts of my soul that I never even knew were wounded. I believe that I have been healing for generations of ancestral patterns, and that is intense for a sensitive being as I am. However, I recognize that healing energetically is essential at this time in the world, and many students have been feeling called to heal as well. As I share my personal experiences with others, I feel my heart sharing love and helping others to heal as well. I believe we are all being called to heal in a big way at this time.

While I have always loved having my early morning sadhana practice, there were days I slept in and cuddled up with coffee and a book instead. Yet, the past few years have propelled me into an absolute must have daily practice routine. I practice Sat Kriya and chant before the sun comes up every day-no matter what, and I also practice different meditations based on what I feel the need to heal at different times. I also meditate with a cup of chamomile tea and prayers every evening before going to sleep. It has been all about healing for me.

Is there a story you can share about teaching Kundalini Yoga to any of the celebrities who have been your students?

Karena Virginia: I love my students deeply.  I have students from all walks of life, and what I can say for sure is that we are all so very similar. I have never been a star struck type of person, so when I work with celebrities, I see them as I see myself. We relate to one another as souls, and I think that is comforting for all of us. I think we all long for connection, and our biggest fear is that of disconnection. We are sometimes ashamed of shadow sides of ourselves, and something I have experienced with some celebrity clients is a sharing of heartfelt, authentic and vulnerable truth that has been so very refreshing. It is all about heart and soul, and we all long to connect our hearts and souls. Being famous can feel lonely…. being alive can feel lonely…. but the more we reveal who we truly are inside, the more we elevate and join hearts with others. Some of the most physically beautiful people in the world are the deepest feelers.  I always look to the heart. Always. And I know for me, it is where I like to connect with others as well.

Can you give us a sneak peek at what you will be sharing at Sat Nam Fest?

Karena Virginia: Miracles!  The universe is truly conspiring to bring us so many beautiful and magical miracles.  The impossible is possible now maybe more than ever. The thing is, we get stuck in our own way. But when we move beyond fears, limiting beliefs and resistances in our energy fields the expansion is miraculous!  Flowers bloom naturally with love once the seed is activated. We are the same. I love sharing healing, love, hope and my journey with angels with students. It takes courage to share some of these tender and vulnerable parts of myself, because when I was a child I was called weird.  But as I heal and heal and heal , I am all about… bring on the weirdness! The weird in me is what helps others heal. The weird in me is my deep love for humanity. We are being called to fall in love with all aspects of ourselves. While perfection is a trap, wholeness is actually right here and right now- it just takes returning to the vibration of love to experience the beauty of the authentic self.