Sat Nam Fest caught up with Harnam to talk about his new single and what we can look forward to at Sat Nam Fest!

Can you tell us about your new single ‘Sat Nam – I Am’ – there are some new sounds we haven’t heard from you before on this track. Can you tell us about that?

Harnam: I love this track – It’s all about elevation. Sat Nam (I Am) is a celebration of truth and beauty in every soul. It is super upbeat and inspiring; a Kundalini mantra groove with a kind of epic, cinematic feel. I am working with Producer Anthony Molina (Simrit, Crown of Eternity, Dharampal, Mercury Rev…) on this and It features strings, choirs, orchestral swells, powerful rhythms…  all intended to elevate the listener into the ecstasy of the divine. The chant Sat Nam literally translates to; True name or Truth is my identity. The song actually sneaks up and gets you chanting along, but before you know it you are swept away. The Official Video has some spectacular visuals that take the whole experience to another level:  stay tuned for much more coming soon!

Can you talk about how music and yoga intertwine in your life and your daily practice?

Harnam: I think of of it in terms of Energy Frequency and Vibration – Everything is motion all the time and we need to tune ourselves to the the energy of the times so that we can maintain our health and vitality, our chi and Prana, our vital life force. Yoga, Music and all Arts dial us in to our Creative Consciousness where we can do the work of peeling back the layers of our finite self to the point where we can disappear and merge into the infinite. That is why it is a daily practice, it requires discipline to achieve mastery and as a yogi/artist this is the goal… to surrender the ego let the divine flow through us. To become a vehicle for others to have a transcendent experience through our work or teachings.

As a professional artists and art teacher, how do you incorporate art as a yogic / spiritual practice in your life?

Harnam: I don’t see any separation between art and yoga… I view them both as ways of connecting with the divine. As spiritual practice, It is about seeing the divine in everything and everyone… in eastern thought it can be referred to as mindfulness, but it boils down to just being present; conscious and aware in the moment. I don’t think it really matters how you get there… so many spokes on the wheel and they all lead to the same place. Anything can be elevated to art: cooking, loving, healing; all require practice but it is the consciousness we bring to it that matters most.

Can you give us a sneak peek at what you will be sharing at Sat Nam Fest?

Harnam: It’s no secret I have been working on a lot of new music, so I would say for sure you will get to hear some fresh kundalini jams that are not yet released. I will also be talking a lot about creativity and consciousness in my workshops and how they are Vital Survival Skills for these Challenging Times. But if you are really curious, just check out my instagram feed @iamharnam where I am always keeping it real with live video from my concerts & workshops, tips from my personal practice, new art & wisdom from the journey. I can’t wait to see you all at Sat Nam Fest.