Sat Nam Fest is coming up (November 6-11) in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, where you can practice yoga, chant, dance, meditate, elevate, celebrate, and find quality yoga apparel, accessories, and gifts! Vendors will be selling a wide variety of products, including jewelry! Lately I have been obsessed with gemstones. I mean, how can I not be? They are literally magnets for the sun’s powerful energy, and they’re so healing!

After my late-term pregnancy loss, my husband found me a giant piece of rose quartz, and we placed it next to me, while I was in bed, which was most of the time at that point. When I would wake up, I held the quartz and prayed for healing. It was a reminder to me to ask God for what I needed. I use crystals to this day to ignite my intuition and guide my way.

As a festival attendee, and most recently as a blogger, I had a very positive experience shopping the past two summers at Sat Nam Fest in Berkshires. I found the jewelry vendors to be especially knowledgeable and conscientious of their collections of gemstones and other jewelry and accessories. I love talking to people about jewelry, and I was able to find some like-minded new friends in the vendor tents. Something that connected us all was the shared knowledge of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings about gemstones.

Diamonds Are Useless and Gemstones Have Powerful Energy

Yogi Bhajan taught that all gemstones from the earth have energy, but the four most powerful gemstones to enhance your Kundalini energy are lapis, carnelian, coral, and turquoise. Interestingly, Yogi Bhajan spoke a lot about the diamond as the most useless and colorless stone. In more than one lecture, he talked about how the diamond, despite its popularity, is actually the most impotent stone in the universe, but gemstones he said, “can totally beam the entire sun energy the way they want it…They are powerful.”

This personally struck a cord with me as I have never really grasped people’s obsession with diamonds, and neither did Yogi Bhajan. My inherited gold and diamond ring from the 1930’s was originally my great grandmother’s. Years after my grandmother said I could have it if I found a man to marry me, my mother actually shipped it to Africa for me to wear inside a bag of Italian breadcrumb seasoning that I was planning to use to cook some meatballs for my husband (then boyfriend) who was eating a lot of really good Johannesburg ground beef. Did you know that there are a lot of cows in Southern Africa? We ate a lot of beef!

Anyway, as you can see, it’s a family tradition to keep our perspectives humorous when it comes to “the diamond ring.” If you’re like me and get a kick out of reading original Yogi Bhajan talks on this topic, you can read his comments about diamonds and crystals from the lectures entitled “June 30, 1992  KWTC – Lecture Class in Espanola, NM”  and “Lecture to Teens from July 10, 1992.”

When shopping for a mala or other gemstone jewelry, it’s helpful to know about the energy of that gemstone. Check out my top jewelry picks below that correlate with Yogi Bhajan’s list of the most powerful gemstones..

Deep Blue Lapis: To Clear Anger and Take Charge

Lapis is a prosperity stone that helps you take charge in life and malarelationships by opening your third eye energy, and it clears stress, sickness, and repressed anger.

Lapis Throat Chakra Mala, $155

Soft, Smooth and Delicious Carnelian- To Be Strong and Motivate 

Carnelian is a grounding stone with high energy to help you restore mala carnvitality and motivation so you can be strong, stable, and anchored to the present reality to trust your intuition. Yogi Bhajan said, “Carnelian, very protective stone, they call it hakeek, carnelian save you from enemy.”

Carnelian Mala Necklace, $500

Awaken to Creativity – Carnelian Mala, $33

Tasty Textured Turquoise- To Heal and Protect, Believe in YourselfLight By Sky By Debra Skyler Turquoise Bracelet Stack- Sat Nam Fest Exclusive

Turquoise is a cleansing and healing stone that helps you heal the body by pulling out impurities. Light By Sky By Debra Skyler Turquoise Bracelet Stack- Sat Nam Fest Exclusive It enhances your intuition, protects your physical and spiritual body, and strengthens self-belief. Yogi Bhajan said, “Turquoise, froza they call it absolutely a healing stone.” Turquoise is very, very expensive in today’s market and that is why it is so hard to find affordable Turquoise jewelry. But, Debra Skyler designed a 30-inch turquoise chain using small pieces of the gemstone amid a chain, which is the best use of turquoise Kundalini jewelry I’ve seen yet!

Ek Ong Kar Turquoise Chain 30 Inches, $180

Spirit Voyage’s Tibetan Turquoise Mala $84

Debra Skyler’s Ek Ong Kar Sandalwood and Turquoise Mala $685

Bold Coral- To Be Courageous and HealCoral jewelry Sat Nam Fest

Coral is a protective stone, which helps you deter negative thoughts, seek upbeat outlooks, and internalize spiritual knowledge. Coral can be thought of as the tree of life to the ocean. When you hold a really big piece of coral you can feel the power it once held, the life it sustained.

Planetary Mala, $59

Coral Mala Necklace, $560

Always Remember Principles of “Non-Attachment” to Material Goods

Though gemstones in the form of necklaces, malas, or other crystal totems can be powerful tools for your Kundalini Yoga practice, Yogi Bhajan reminded us that you are enough, you are truth, and you don’t necessarily need any of these tools to reach your maximum potential. He stated:

Guru Nanak recognizes and realizes that in your life there will be ups and downs, there shall be problems. He wants to give us a solution, which is cost free. He said, don’t ask anybody for help, don’t go to anybody, don’t care, be carefree, be sovereign, be independent, you are royal, you are imperial, you are the truth, you are Aad Sach, you know Guru Nanak says, everything sticking to only one declaration.”

Sat Nam Fest Mexico would is an awesome place to ignite your carefree nature and find some royal jewelry! You can learn how to use a mala for meditation or how to use gemstones for healing.

You can see some of Debra Skyler’s new collection, “Light by Sky Collection,” online here. And if you’re planning to attend Sat Nam Fest Mexico, be sure to connect with the wonderful local vendors and ask them about their unique jewelry and gifts!


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