Aad Guray Nameh is a very powerful mantra used for protection, to gain clarity, and to receive guidance from one’s highest Self. This mantra creates a protective field of energy around the person chanting, attracting abundance to them helping them live out their destiny.

The Mangala Charan Mantra (Aad Guray Nameh) can be chanted at any time, any place, whenever there is a need for protection. When chanted for 31 minutes, in any setting, it is a practice for covering and clearing the past, present and future.

You will often hear this mantra after the initial tuning in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo in a kundalini yoga class. It is suggested chanting this mantra 3 times after you have started your car, before shifting out of neutral or park, to prevent any incidences on the road.

By chanting this mantra, you become surrounded by a field of white light of protection.

In Gurmukhi:

Aad Guray Nameh
Jugaad Guray Nameh
Sat Guray Nameh
Siri Guru Dayvay Nameh


I bow to the Primal Wisdom.
I bow to the Wisdom through the Ages.
I bow to the True Wisdom.
I bow to the great, unseen Wisdom

This mantra is the Mangala Charan of the Sukhmani Sahib, a sacred prayer whose title translates as “Consoler of the Mind.” Guru Arjan, the fifth Sikh Guru, wrote this prayer.

Through the protection we invoke, our feet can continue walking in happiness, and our mind can be consoled knowing all is in the hands of the great unseen Wisdom.

One popular meditation that utilizes this mantra is “Projection and Protection of the Heart,” which can be found here.

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Ilarion Updesh Kaur believes in honoring all life and finding how to live in alignment with this ideal. She invokes the beings of light, within and around us, to assist us in becoming one with our highest potential of truth in the now. She is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, and offers both kundalini and hatha yoga classes in North Carolina. Ilarion also presents workshops in Compassionate Communication, or Nonviolent Communication, which helps people to move beyond judgmental thinking to understand the universal feelings and the hopes or needs beneath all forms of communication, action, and intention. In addition to yoga and NVC, Ilarion offers healing and clearing work in collaboration with the Archangelic realm. She also provides karmic clearing, soul integration, Sacred Heart Soul Healing, Reiki, readings from the Akashic records, intuitive coaching, and more. Ilarion enjoys writing prayers and invocations, dancing with the elementals and nature spirits, organic gardening, nature photography, hiking, and communing with nature. Ceaseless beauty she finds in nature’s flowers, fresh air, bird songs, elements, insects, furry ones, plant friends, and all beings. She hopes as humanity opens its inner eyes, we can once again commune with the realms of the nature spirits and elementals and share this earth in united harmony with all of our octaves of light. www.wingsofinfinitelight.org