We all experience stress, but there are ways to become empowered to change stress into vitality and start building a stronger immune system.

1. Listen

Ask this:  how does this stress serve me?  This question supports the act of deeply listening to your body and your environments.  Honor your life by listening to the unheard sounds created by the pressures around you.

2.  Acceptimg_3462

Accept that pressure is part of the human experience and work creatively with it.  Is there a way you can transform your stress into your vitality?  What is that way for you?  Practice yoga.  Go for a swim.

3. Breathe

Practice Sitali Pranayam.  Inhale through the rolled tongue and exhale through the nose.  Continue this breath for three to eleven minutes.

4.  Yogi Tea

Drink lots of yogi tea.  Boil cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom pods, ginger, and clove in a pot and drink this tea all day long instead of coffee.  Share tea with family and friends!  Consciously slow down.

5. Sing!  Sing!  Sing!

Singing helps reduce levels of cortisol, a stress hormone the body released in response to stress.  Also, when we sing together, our heartbeats become synchronized.  Seek opportunities to fill the space with the sound of your voice.  Your soul loves to hear your voice.

6. Serve

There’s no better way to thumb your nose at your stress than to help someone who is in greater need than you.  Maybe you have a long list of things to do, deadlines, pressure, so what?  Set that aside and assist someone in great need.

7.  Be with Your Heart

Place your hands on your own heart.  Close your eyes.  Remind yourself to relate to an infinite part of yourself.  Relate to your undying capacity for love and freedom that is untouched by what happens to you.

8.  Play

What is something that you can do just for the sake of doing it?  What amuses and uplifts your spirit without much effort because it is simple for you and a pure joy?

9.  Relax in Sivasana or Baby Pose

Take short yogic naps throughout your busy day.  When you rouse yourself, practice the Grace of God meditation.

10.  Three minutes of shoulder shrugs.

Shoulder shrugs work to strengthen the thyroid gland and build a strong immune system.  Inhale as you raise your shoulders up to your ears.  Exhale as you drop the shoulders relaxed down again.  Continue to inhale the shoulders up and exhale, drop the shoulders.

11.  Eat a light, yogic diet

Drink celery juice for its ability to calm the nervous system.  Another soothing dish is yogurt curry.  When asked about a potent life, Yogi Bhajan said: “The three roots—garlic, onion, and ginger—will maintain you through the times and through the age.”  Be sure your food contains lots of garlic, onion, and ginger.

The Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree will be five days of engaging in all eleven of these health-promoting activities.  Please join us!