We’re bringing you more class options than ever before, giving you an ocean of possibilities to expand into bliss.  Every class takes you higher, elevating your consciousness, opening your heart, bringing you closer to your inner Sat Nam.  Please note that for all classes including the ones with fees, you must have already purchased a festival pass join.

Unless otherwise noted, all classes and workshops are included in your festival pass.

Recognise Your Destiny: Serving in the Aquarian Age

Teacher: Yogi Amandeep

The ages change roughly every 2,160 years. After 11.11.11 we are now officially in the Aquarian Age – the age of Awareness. It’s a beginning of awakening & light. The entire psyche of humanity is changing.

Many of us born in this age were born to serve in this time and space. We have chosen this destiny to uplift and serve humanity. We are playing an important role in this existence.

This is an invitation from the Himalayan sages to come and recognize your unique destiny through priceless tools that were born in the womb of Himalayas some thousands of years ago.

Once known to only a selecte few, Yogi Bhajan the master of Kundalini Yoga shared this technology openly with all those who were seeking an experience.

Drop your limitations, laugh, dance & meditate to awaken your destiny and to become a light house. Bloom the universal mind, recognise the light within and be equipped with the timeless technology to serve the Aquarian Age.

The Flow of Silence: Healing with your Prana

Teacher: Ajeet Kaur

Every person has a deep connection to the flow of prana. Every person breathes, and is alive through that flow of prana. We eat to receive prana, we give and receive prana in our relationships, and we heal ourselves by working with our flow of prana. Yoga heals us by shifting the flow through breath, asana, mantra and awareness. The deeper our perception of this flow, the more healing is possible. The deeper our silence, the more we can sense our own flow and the flow of others. For thousands of years yogis have discovered practices to open new states of awareness by shifting this flow in our bodies, our minds and how we flow with the universe around us.

Join Ajeet Kaur and her band for an experience of self-healing through yoga, meditation and opening our perception to awaken our capacity to heal.

Oneness is Our Hearts Desire

Teacher: Akasha

As we move closer to all that is, our desire for things outside us begins to melt away.  We gain trust in knowing we are provided with all that we need to be healthy, loving and abundant.

This experience will deepen our understanding and allow us to heal our past and create a more joyous presence.   

The pressure of the times is on us and those that learn to master their self through love of self will be called on to serve others in finding their truth.  

Come experience your oneness and radiate your compassion with the world.

The Confident Warrior

Teacher: Aykanna

Distraction from your full expression plays out through addictive behaviors and self sabotage.
They cause you to live in the illusion of safety, a set up for avoiding being YOU. Your Sat Nam. You think you’ve been let off the hook, but it’s all set up to keep a lid on your creative power and magnificence.

Your gift is needed now in the world more than ever.

When we loose focus on our mission or drop the ball on a project, it is the result of lack of self confidence and motivation.

Through mantra technology, experience a breakthrough shift in your self confidence and motivation.  Leave Sat Nam Fest ready to take action. Follow through and live into the Destiny you agreed to deliver.

Come with your courage, your breakthrough awaits!

Song of the Heart: The Art of Listening Deeply

Teacher: Crown of Eternity 

Learn to listen to the sounds of your heart and your soul. Explore the infinite moment as you attune to your inner sounds and the deepest levels of silence. By listening deeply we open a space of great understanding, self-experience and self-transformation.

This is an inner journey deep into the Self, listening consciously with ears, mind, body and heart. The yogis call listening sunni-ai. It means hearing the sounds, the words, the subtlety—all that is below the surface—at the same time. Sunni-ai is intuition applied to listening. Deep listening, like radar, senses the shape and momentum of the present moment. Come attune yourself to the sound current with powerful meditations, chanting and listening techniques shared by Crown of Eternity.

Open yourself to a deeper sensitivity that will connect you to life in a whole new way.

Calmness, Contentment & the Comfortable Seat

Teacher: Simran & GuruPrem

Your body organizes your brain to give your mind its interaction with the world.

Come find what a Flexible Spine, Open Hips & Correct Alignment will do for your Mind, Meditation & Movement.

The difference between a calm exterior & a calm interior
Your patterns that keep you from true comfort
Ways to unlock your body’s tension, retrain your breath & free your mind so you can manifest your true destiny!

Being Guided by Life Through Your Light Bodies

Teacher: Guru Singh


Guru Singh will lead this workshop in mantra, mudra, asanas, pranayams and kriyas to develop a powerful relationship with the light bodies. These are the subtle bodies that Yogi Bhajan taught us to use for connecting to our highest destiny and most successful life on Earth. This workshop will combine great depth as well as liveliness to achieve the full experience.

Removing Obstacles: Transform Yourself &  Change Your Life!

Teacher: Harnam 


Who has never felt stuck, blocked, or limited in some way? At some point we all have this experience; often the key to breaking through, is understanding that it is our own thoughts that are in some way holding us back. In this workshop we’ll tap into our own unlimited consciousness to transform ourselves and our lives.

We’ll use the powerful meditations and mantras available to us for removing obstacles. In experiencing limitations we discover our true potential; they keep us safe, like a butterfly in a cocoon, but when the time is right we must struggle to free ourselves so we can spread our wings and soar. If you’re ready to fly, then join me for the breakthrough of a lifetime.

This workshop will feature live music from Harnam’s exciting new CD: Meditations for Removing Obstacles.

“There is a deep place inside each of us, beyond our fears, where the heart lives.“ – Harnam

Radiant Body, Diamond Mind

Teacher: Jai Dev 


When the pituitary secretes its nectars into the bloodstream, the brain is given great power. The life-force collects in the spinal channel, is lifted upward, and life indeed becomes ALIVE.
With the life-force enlivened, your mind is guided by the brilliant light of radiance.
With the transporting live music of Simrit, we will use tremendous kriyas and ancient teachings, mantra, and meditations to activate the body’s life-force intelligence and plug into your source of spiritual electricity.

Life without Challenge Doesn’t Exist

Teacher: Krishna Kaur 


Yogi Bhajan.  We have been raised in the Kundalini Yoga Lifestyle to embrace difficulty with a smile. Yogi Bhajan says, “qualify yourself”.  Qualify that you are part of God and God is part of you.  And, remember, the Divine always gives challenges at the time a quantum leap in spiritual growth is ready to unfold. Yet, the issues taking place these days for many have been quite troubling and perhaps even a bit scary. Which means it is a time to reorganize our neurological system, clear subconscious patterns, and invigorate our intuitive awareness. The scriptures tell us to “see the faults in others, then un-see them”. We want to see the play within the play, step out of duality, and find ‘Shunia’. That is the focus of this workshop. Achieving Noble Stillness! Grace under fire!

Breath, Chant, Dance!

Teacher: Mirabai Ceiba 


Root yourself in the very moment as reference to infinity

Mirabai Ceiba invites you to a transformative and joyful gathering of breath work
(pranayama ), sacred chants and dance.

How do we relate and respond to these challenging times? Our thoughts and imagination can be a trap of limitation. Easily we loose our minds in an over flood of terrible news on social media and news sites, or we escape into a pink spiritual fantasy world, we need to access our capacities of contemplation and receptivity through our senses in order to root ourselves in the very moment. The very portal for infinity is the world we live in. Everything is here and it is now and it is time to stop judging our human self. By conscious breathing, chanting and free dancing you  move your inner world, you belong to the movement of life.  Take a chance to journey beyond your limits and to explore  another side of your reality to keep infinity as a reference in a world that is closing in.


Teacher: Mahankirn


Description coming soon!

The Body Temple, Radical Self-Love for Radical Times

Teacher: Ramdesh


If you have ever experienced negative thinking, low self-esteem, fear of rejection, or body dysmophia, it has made an impact on your mind, body and auric field.  Repair and release a lifetime of negativity with a transformative kriya and then expand your radiant heart center with a  deeply restorative relaxation.  Let go of lifetimes of fear and playing it small. The time is here for us to rise and meet our destinies with grit and grace.  Let go of old programs and patterns of thinking about yourself and your body that would hold you back.

Fall radically in love with yourself and your body temple.

Developing a Daily Sadhana Practice

Teacher: Satwant Singh


An inspiring workshop geared both to students new to the practice of morning Sadhana and veterans looking to strengthen their morning discipline. This class will feature a brief audio lecture from the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, on the reasons for and benefits of doing Sadhana.

We’ll learn how to wake up and how to keep up from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan along with meditations and techniques to keep ourselves motivated and inspired.

The Supreme Sound

Teacher: Simrit


Dive deep into the power of your Supreme Soundcurrent using mantras, kriyas, and vocal exercises. When we use the voice authentically, then we experience the inspiration of our soul. Each and every person has a unique power through their very personalized sound. Everyone has this power, although many of us have been conditioned to think we don’t, therefore the power lies dormant. It is like the coding in computer programs. Our personal sound is the key to translating our unique coding. It is the oil that keeps the engine running smoothly. Becoming intimate with our sound creates many incredible effects: enhanced ojas(chi), elevated feelings, enhanced immune system, enhanced intuition, a more balanced endocrine system, lustrous skin, and so much more. Together we will use the ancient sound technologies of Kundalini Yoga and the vocal practices from the traditions of India, The Middle East, and The West to refine and enjoy our own, unique sound. Our unique personalized sound that we’ve been hardwired with is our key to unlocking the life force in us. It does’t get any better than that: to feel the sincerity and the authenticity of our own sound.

“No doubt, study and qualification help the practitioner to express their self better, but what is really needed is the life behind it, which comes from expanded consciousness, from the realization of the divine light, which is the secret of all true art, and which is the Soul of All Mysticism.” -Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Age of Aquarius: The Time To Excel in Prosperity & Destiny

Teacher: Tej


This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, a time of great change, a change we can channel and use to propel into our peronal excellence & strength. In this time our mantra moves from the Piscean, “I am confused, help me know,” into “I KNOW, and I can help you, too.”

In this coming age, many unbelievable changes have been predicted. Instead of resisting change, let’s become strong by embracing change. The Masters tell us to grow great and let divine energy flow through us. Let’s join our energy together to propel at an even greater speed, walking strongly into this exciting era.

In this class we will be working to set the attitude, “I shall be excellent, my family shall be nothing but excellence, my entire universe will be nothing but excellence,”. We will invite prosperity into our lives and cultivate opportunities that shall kiss our feet.

Kundalini Dance

Teacher: Wah


Kundalini Dance to awaken your inner Bollywood star!

Join Wah for an exhilarating morning to kick off your high vibes for our festival weekend together! We shall do Kundlaini Yoga to invigorate our total selves and then dancing to beats from Bollywood! You will leave this class glowing and grinning from ear to ear.

No dance experience necessary ~ Willingness to be silly and free required!

Sat Nam Fest changed my life! It provided a depth of experience so grand that I went from practicing twice a week in my local classes, to performing my sadhana every day. I am struggling with addiction and motivation right now, and feel Sat Nam Fest changed my life. Though my struggle still continues, I feel so empowered. Thank you Sat Nam Fest! Wahe Guru!


Sat Nam Fest was one of the peak events in my life. I made quite a few emotional breakthroughs. I feel so much more energized in my daily practice now. I cried so much at the absolute beauty of the music and everyone chanting and practicing together. I was wishing that it would never end.