Sat Nam Fest is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the joy, transformation, and rejuvenation of Kundalini Yoga, sacred chant, and creativity as you re-discover and return to your true self.

Whether you are an experienced yogi, or this is your first time practicing Kundalini Yoga, you can create your perfect yogic experience at Sat Nam Fest! With a variety of teachers, workshops, and class sizes you will find something that calls to you. Join an energetic yoga class with live music, or a more relaxed meditation class – let your heart be your guide!

Come Home to Your Heart at Sat Nam Fest.



Manifest Miracles

Let’s face it. You’re divine. Celebrate whatever it is you are going through. Breathe consciously, and treat yourself to an afternoon of listening to music that will uplift your soul. Know that you are loved. It’s only a couple of months before we gather for the...
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Sat Nam Fest East Teacher Spotlight – Gurmukh

The soul-stirring experience of a live Kundalini Yoga class with master teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa is really unlike any other. You will laugh, you will cry, you will dance, you will sing, you will sweat, you will push yourself – physically – in ways you...
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What We Sing in the Morning: The Aquarian Mantras

Wondering what we will chant during our morning mediations (known as sadhana)?

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Yoga on the Go! – Elementary Adjustment of the Brain

As a householder, a working person, if you invest just 9-minutes a day, you can be fresh, young and you. That’s all it takes to penetrate the chakras, organize yourself, bring the elements into balance and control your breath.

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Yoga on the Go! – Meditation to Tranquilize the Mind

A new series – Yoga on the Go! – quick and effective ways to incorporate Kundalini Yoga practices throughout our day can support us in staying grounded and calm in the midst of any unexpected circumstances we may face.

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The Wonders of Yogi Tea

Here is to our health as yogis!

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The Joy of Being Excellent

At Sat Nam Fest, you will experience your own excellence. This year’s festival promises to offer you plenty of opportunities to step into your own strength and connect with your undying steadfastness. Yogi Bhajan encouraged us to think like saints and act like...


We Thrive in Tribes: An Interview With Azita Nahai

Author, therapist, and Kundalini Yoga teacher Azita Nahai will be teaching two empowering workshops at Sat Nam Fest in Joshua Tree this year. Here, she shares her wisdom on gracefully moving through today’s challenges. What are some trends you’re noticing in the...

Aquarian Sadhana Gives You Total Victory

Joining in Aquarian Sadhana with a group of fellow yogis is a powerful way to poise yourself to succeed in all that you do. Many people who attend Sat Nam Fest know how recharged and inspired they feel after four mornings of practicing together.


Catching up with Nirinjan Kaur

I was recently lucky enough to spend some time talking with Nirinjan Kaur about her upcoming new album “Into the Heart.” This will be her seventh album. The release date has yet to be set, but it will be available pre-sale at her live shows. We also talked...

Gratitude for the Past, Peace in the Present: An Interview with Jai-Jagdeesh

Every artist has a unique personality, and that personality is a great reflection of their history, how they walk through the world, and why they serve the way they do. All of that helps inform the music, both at the moment of creation and when it’s shared live. So it’s a really sweet thing to experience the musicians you love in their full-flesh human form.


Sat Nam Fest East, Now in Summer!

Imagine inhaling the fresh mountain air, as you commune with hundreds of other yogis and yoginis in uplifting meditation and yoga. Or perhaps you will celebrate the sunlight dancing on the water as you enjoy a hop in the pool! Come to the Catoctin Mountain area, nestled in nature, to enjoy Sat Nam Fest East August 26-30th 2015!!



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