Come Home to Your Heart

Sat Nam Fest is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the joy, transformation, and rejuvenation of Kundalini Yoga, sacred chant, and creativity as you re-discover and return to your true self.

Whether you are an experienced yogi, or this is your first time practicing Kundalini Yoga, you can create your perfect yogic experience at Sat Nam Fest! With a variety of teachers, workshops, and class sizes you will find something that calls to you. Join an energetic yoga class with live music, or a more relaxed meditation class – let your heart be your guide!


Children’s Camp By the Ocean at Sat Nam Fest México

Children’s Camp at Sat Nam Fest has become a fundamental part of the festival. It is a lovingly created space for children to enjoy, play, explore, create, and practice yoga, surrounded by the wonderful nature of the Caribbean, sand, water, palm trees and the ocean!

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Simrit: Her Love for Life, Mexico, and Sat Nam Fest

Each artist has their own personality. Their music is a reflection of their history, experiences, and vision of life. Simrit has positioned herself as an international icon of sacred music and is one of the most anticipated artists at Sat Nam Fest Mexico. Her great...
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Activate Energy With Powerful Gemstones

Sat Nam Fest is coming up (November 6-11) in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, where you can practice yoga, chant, dance, meditate, elevate, celebrate, and find quality yoga apparel, accessories, and gifts! Vendors will be selling a wide variety of products, including jewelry!...
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Research Confirms Retreats Like Sat Nam Fest Are Good for You

As a science policy consultant, as well as a frequent attendee of Sat Nam Fest for the past seven years, my work colleagues have become accustomed to me heading out of town and off the grid for a few days, a few times per year. I know that these trips are crucial to...
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Music as Spiritual Expression: An Interview With Bachan Kaur

Sat Nam Fest brings together the best Kundalini Yoga teachers and artists from diverse origins, paths, and musical styles. The classes and concerts are very special occasions where we have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of experiences that come from their...
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Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Sat Nam Fest Puerto Morelos is a celebration of life – an opportunity to experience a week of deep connection within body, mind and soul through Kundalini Yoga and live music on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Sat Nam Fest is an holistic...
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Review: Women’s White Pants for Kundalini Yoga

I am searching for the perfect pair of white Kundalini Yoga pants for Sat Nam Fest East in the Berkshires. I wrote to my friend at Spirit Voyage and asked for some suggestions, she immediately responded with some great suggestions for pants. Spirit Voyage has detailed size descriptions for most of their clothing. Make sure you remember to read the descriptions prior to ordering. I love their customer service. I ordered four pairs of pants and this is my unbiased, independent review. Please note: I am 5’11” and typically a size 8/10 pants with extra long legs.


Shakin’ It Up with Gurmukh

At Gurmukh’s Sat Nam Fest Saturday workshop, “The Joy of Togetherness,” we practiced the “Kriya to Withstand the Pressure of Time” (originally taught by Yogi Bhajan at Women’s Camp in Espanola, New Mexico on July, 1984). The kriya opens with two vigorous...


10 Reasons to Chant: The Benefits of Mantra Meditation

Chanting is a pleasure that transcends the senses, it takes us beyond the bounds of time and space (which is why we don’t have to understand the mantra). Thus it soothes in a most profound way. It soothes on a cellular level. It merges our finite identity with the infinite, and so dissolves us. It relieves us from the sights and sounds and stimulation of the material world and delivers us into a spiritual space, where the sound is God. The material needs are reduced to nothing but mind chatter, and like smoke pumped into the sky, will be scattered into the expanse. Through the sweetness of devotional surrender, mantra turns the negative into positive. I once heard it said: “as music has charms to soothe a savage beast, so the spiritual sound of mantra soothes the restless mind.”

Catching up with Nirinjan Kaur

I was recently lucky enough to spend some time talking with Nirinjan Kaur about her upcoming new album “Into the Heart.” This will be her seventh album. The release date has yet to be set, but it will be available pre-sale at her live shows. We also talked...


Shakin’ It Up with Gurmukh

At Gurmukh’s Sat Nam Fest Saturday workshop, “The Joy of Togetherness,” we practiced the “Kriya to Withstand the Pressure of Time” (originally taught by Yogi Bhajan at Women’s Camp in Espanola, New Mexico on July, 1984). The kriya opens with two vigorous...


Sat Nam Fest East Teacher Spotlight – Gurmukh

The soul-stirring experience of a live Kundalini Yoga class with master teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa is really unlike any other. You will laugh, you will cry, you will dance, you will sing, you will sweat, you will push yourself – physically – in ways you...

Find Your Tribe at Sat Nam Fest

We just wrapped up Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree 2017, and our hearts are singing from the heart-opening connections made with our soul family from all over the world as we gathered together in the spirit of Oneness. It was so beautiful to participate in the growth and transformation of every Sat Nam Fest participant during our time together.