Sat Nam Fest Ticketing

There are 100 tickets at the current price, once those sell out ticket prices increase. Ticketing stays open until the end of the event and you can even purchase tickets onsite if you would like!

All Sat Nam Fest Ticketing is purchased in individual transactions. If you would like to purchase meals, housing or children’s tickets you will be taken to a separate ticketing page. If you are having trouble checking out please make sure to scroll down within the ticket window and you will see the Order Now button.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!


– If you cancel your registration before May 1st, your payment will be refunded less $50 processing fee per ticket.

– If you cancel your registration between May 2nd and June 29th, we will refunded 50% of your payment.

– After July 1, all payments are final and will not be refunded.