Your thoughts and actions in each moment have unknowable impact on the world. Now is the time to begin your practice. Now is the time to stretch and reach for new growth. Now is the time to build a strong nervous system for the sake of refining your perception through your Subtle Body.

In yogic numerology, this is the year of the Subtle Body.

We take the year 2016 and add the digits 2+0+1+6 = 9. Nine is the number of the Subtle Body.

The Subtle Body is that part of you that motivates you to rise out of bed in the morning and to keep up with your practice. The ninth body helps us sense what the beings around us are sensing and feeling. Upon death, when we leave our physical body, it’s the Subtle Body that carries the Soul to its next experience.

This year, the universe requests that you show up with your Subtle Body. You are being asked to remain strong, alert, and steadfast in your awareness of all things understated, subdued, hidden, muted, indirect, and undetected. The perceptive, discerning, and sagacious aspects of your being are required at this time.

Practice spinal flexes. Practice “The Meditation to for Conquering Death” in Nirvair Singh Khalsa’s The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness. Tune in to the most subtle vibrations of your soul. Make a habit of feeling exalted. Practice sending positive thoughts and energy to those you deeply love and care about. Show up for others in subtle ways. Offer help in every realm without any need to let anyone know you are helping. Pray for someone whom you know does not believe in prayer. When you feel like divulging something, keep quiet. Listen. Listen with your Subtle Body. What does listening with your Subtle Body feel like to you?

When does your Subtle Body seem to be sitting perched and erect like a Buddha? When do you allow your Subtle Body to travel into hard to reach places, like the rat that Lord Ganesha sends out to remove obstacles. Practice removing obstacles from your and others’ lives. Become a sophisticated choreographer of the dance of your Subtle Body.  Be in the flow of love.  Yogi Bhajan Ji said, “Life is a flow of love. Only your participation is requested.”

Eventually you realize that you simply show up and magic happens.

Sat Nam!

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