Kundalini Yoga classes are so much more than physical asana movement. Yogi Bhajan gave the technology of Kundalini Yoga that uses movement, sounds, and breathing techniques as a complete mind, body, and soul exercise.

Mantra is a word created by the power of a sound vibration. We use mantras to alter our brain and thought patterns. Man = mind, Trang = wave. We know that everything is constantly moving, nothing is sitting still. Just like water changes form, different stages of density relate to different speeds movement. Water turned to ice is a solid, and moves very slow. Water turned to gas has particles that move very quickly. Humans have the power to alter the vibrational force around us with sound and mantra.

There are hundreds of mantras available to us and each has its own quality, rhythm, and effect. The first mantra taught by Yogi Bhajan in the US was the “Long Chant” Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru. Yogi Bhajan said that it was the mantra of the Aquarian Age.  Listen and watch Krishna Kaur perform Ek Ong Kar live at Sat Nam Fest 2013.

Chanting and singing mantras benefit the yoga and meditation on multiple levels. Proper pronunciation helps to stimulate different points of the body with the tongue and upper palate of the mouth. Singing, especially in groups, helps to uplift and inspire. Words that we speak are powerful because of the way they make us feel. Mantras are used for mental and spiritual transform. Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru is a mantra for healing and humility. The mantra relates directly to healing and protective energy represented by Guru Ram Das, the fourth Guru of the Sikhs, was known for humility and healing abilities. Chant Guru Ram Das with Snatam Kaur and GuruGanesha Singh from their live performance at Sat Nam Fest 2010.

“If your words have strength of the Infinite in them and are virtuous, and you value them, you are the greatest of the great. If you do not value your words, you have no value.  Your own word is your value as a human being. Your word is your value.”  – Yogi Bhajan

Experience for yourself the power of mantra and vibration at Sat Nam Fest Berkshires this August!