At Sat Nam Fest, you will experience your own excellence.

This year’s festival promises to offer you plenty of opportunities to step into your own strength and connect with your undying steadfastness. Yogi Bhajan encouraged us to think like saints and act like soldiers. He predicted, accurately, that this kind of force would be needed to uplift the planet, to dwell in its potential oneness consciousness.

Yogi Bhajan reminded us that “life without crisis exists in a coffin.” So, if you’re truly alive now, you’re in crisis. This is the perfect time to confront every crisis as soldiers, while thinking like saints. Workshops at Sat Nam Fest will offer you tools to carry out this calling.

Empower yourself with master teacher, Tej, in her workshop “Age of Aquarius: The Time to Excel in Prosperity and Destiny.” Tej will help you set your attitude to the frequency of “I will be excellent. My family will be excellent. My entire universe will be full of excellence.” Tej will show you how to use yogic tools to cultivate opportunities in your life that shall kiss your feet.

Join Haridass Kaur for her workshop, where she’ll guide you through an experience of balancing the frontal lobe of the brain. Relieve your head (or that cantaloupe of yours, as Yogiji would say!) from an overloaded of emotional commotion. Haridass will give you tools for developing lasting inner happiness and clarity of mind. Thinking like a saint demands moving from emotion to devotion. Acting like a soldier demands clarity and inner knowing, or intuition.

These workshops are just two examples of the powerful teachings that will be coursing through every single event at Sat Nam Fest in Joshua Tree. You will have the opportunity to come face-to-face with yourself and get to know your infinite potential. We invite you to join us for this incredible transformative experience and celebration.

But for now, right now, whether you’re at home or at work, I have a meditation to share with you to set your spirits high and prepare you for this epic festival.

With four fingers of your right hand, feel the pulse at the left wrist. Place your fingertips lightly along your arm up from the wrist in a straight line, so you can feel the pulse in all four fingertips. On each beat of your heart, mentally vibrate the mantra “Sat Nam.” Continue for 11 minutes. Gradually build up to a maximum practice time of 31 minutes.

Getting in touch with your pulse and consciously chanting a mantra to your own rhythm will immerse you in the eternal truth of you. Within you, there is the compassion of a saint. Within you, there is the might of a soldier.

Strong hearts and steady beats are needed in these times of crisis. Vibrate “Sat Nam” with every beat of your heart, and share that radiant heart of yours with your spiritual family at Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree 2017.

Sat Nam!